Featured Groups - RealPagan- Paganism for the Real World 2017-09-09T02:50:42Z http://realpagan.net/groups/group/feed?xn_auth=no&featured=1 Traditional Wicca tag:realpagan.net,2010-11-08:6330711:Group:1920 2010-11-08T05:04:53.920Z Shiori E Hatagawa http://realpagan.net/profile/ShioriEHatagawa 68 members 68 members<br> <p>This is a group for initiated members and friends of Traditional Wiccan lineages such as Gardnerian, Alexandrian, and CVW trads.</p> 2017-08-25T00:34:50Z Spice Goddess tag:realpagan.net,2011-12-12:6330711:Group:155552 2011-12-12T04:02:29.361Z Ms. Witch(Sara) http://realpagan.net/profile/MsWitchSara 52 members 52 members<br> <p>A place for spices, herbs, cooking, healing and much more!</p> <p> </p> <p>This group is a place that spices can be talked about in cooking, spells, mojo bags, candles, growing, healing properties and much more.</p> 2017-08-27T03:05:01Z Our Book of Shadows tag:realpagan.net,2010-11-17:6330711:Group:7972 2010-11-17T09:08:53.972Z Duir http://realpagan.net/profile/SherryLynnSmith 187 members 187 members<br> A place for beginners that have questions about witchcraft. If you wonder about where to start, what to do and what goes into a Book of Shadow this is the group to help you answer those questions and more. 2017-08-27T02:29:14Z Dedicatory Religious Witches tag:realpagan.net,2010-11-07:6330711:Group:986 2010-11-07T02:01:30.986Z Aislynn http://realpagan.net/profile/Aislynn 141 members 141 members<br> A group for any who follow the DRW path or are interested in it. 2017-08-25T02:29:09Z