In recent days I have had reason to question whether my attempts to raise awareness and gain support over issues that concern me (such as fracking, badger culls, the pages on FaceBook supporting those who would call for death to all Pagans, and so on) are worthwhile, or not, for the simple reason that I've had some serious "back-lash" I didn't warrant or deserve from lots of what I would call "fundies and zealots".

Now I'm wondering if the time has come to give in, to just keep the things I feel most strongly about to myself, to not seek support for the things I want to say "up with this I will not put" about... and to stay safely with my head well out of the firing line.

Is it just me, or are some of the folks who claim to be Pagan nowadays just "talking the talk" and aren't prepared to "walk the walk"?  Or am I just being judgemental and unfair?  (Having been hurt.) 

Is it really possible to say one is Pagan if one doesn't care enough about the environment to stand up and be counted when it matters most?

Anybody got an idea of something smart to say to these idiots who have dis-illusioned me when I'm only trying to protect the vulnerable and the weak?

Thank you xx

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To walk one's talk. Yes, it is an ideal to which we live, but the reality is to measure where and when such action is needed, and when it is futile. Raising one's voice or fist for an idea or an ideal can be an act of defiance, or a joining into the foray, but doing so in front of a computer screen is useless.

You want to be an activist against fracking? Do the research to determine what the effects on the environment fracking will cause, the possible hazards, the impact on humans and wildlife. Once you have the facts (or a good idea of them), start writing to legislators and lawmakers. To throw party-line statistics at a computer on a chat line that is rife with people living in mommy's basement just looking to make others as miserable as themselves is useless, both in and of itself and as a medium to stop fracking.

There are not a lot of badgers online, and those that are cannot read, so again the real activist will write to legislators, start door to door petitions, and if all else fails, chain themselves across the road that leads to the culling areas. Online diatribe is useless.

Hate groups? Online breeds them. Even in real life (not the internet), you do not fight the Westboro Baptist Churches of the world by sitting through their services in pews in their churches. These hate mongers feed on controversy and publicity and their demise will only come from being ignored. When you move into their venues to speak truth or tolerance you are only giving them validation.

Walking your talk is useless if you are neither walking or talking...a keyboard allows neither. Choose your battles and invest yourself, but do so in a way that truly matters. 

I agree when you are passionate about something it is difficult not to rail against the injustice and in doing so get alot of flack from others. That can be quite disheartning, I saw a proverb recently that said to effect ghange in the world focus your energy on what you desire to acchieve eather than what you oppose, since this follows with the law of attraction it made logical sense presentin a more positive way of presenting a controversial issue gets a lot less retort. So while it is by no meens easy to not get on my soapbox and rail against injustices I try to do it in a positive manner

Thanks to everyone for their valuable words of wisdom.  I take on board the comments and will try to move on.  But in future, more warily.  Somebody else who is "thicker skinned" can take the flack.  I'm probably going to join groups rather than speak as a single voice. 

 Moon lov I know not of facebook or what you as speaking of but I will say this to you as some that openly Pagan in very Christian part of the world. A wise Fellow a man from the land of my Da Edmund Burke once said"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." You did what you could do Lov. Time an Place my dear Time an place. You my dear can hold your head High in my Book.(some might say it coloring book)

I appreciate your kind words. 

Feeling a little better about it all in the colder light of day.

Bless you all xx

I think there are many stages of being a Pagan. First the new person where everything is new and exciting, not much is known and a lot is interllectual. This is a taking stage, trying to absorb a lot of information and not a great deal of understanding. Some may never go beyond this stage, I have seen this in the Wiccan community.

Next is doing the ceremonies deciding what one believes where one fits in. this includes looking for people of similar beliefs. In some places this can be very difficult if there are no Pagans in your area. This can discourage many, but for others it just means solitary practice. They may have to relay on heir contact over the internet, the forums and such. For others solitary may be the only possibility as they lack people skills to deal with groups.

Then some reach a give back stage where they feel the need to give back. It may be help and support, networking information and taking on a more activist role. I think you just need to focus on finding those people that share you interests and working with them.

Time and age have taught me the following lessons......

Pick my battles with care and forethought. Know what and who my adversaries are, and be prepared for the backlash that may come from the stance taken. Action, combined with words, will yield change, but be aware I may not always maintain the drivers seat, as to what the outcome of the change may be, or the form in which it may appear.

Know that to take no action, results in no change. Remember that fact!!!

But to take action, for one's beliefs, is going to require one to be strong enough to stand alone. As well as, to stand out in the open..

Make sure the battles  I choose, are the ones I am willing to do that for...

No battle is worth standing for, if I only feel it can be done with a group to hide in....

If, after acknowledging all of these things, I am still willing to open my mouth, put pen to paper, take action in some manner..... Then, and only then, am I justified in going into battle for a cause.

My heart, head, body, and spirit have to be one, in order for me to make a mark that will be one I am proud to call mine, regardless of the backlash and final consequences.

Hard lessons learned, are the ones we are most apt, to never forget...



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