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Just to make this clear this is my opinion only and how I use my stones, etc.

I hear others say cleanse, charge and program your stones. To me certain crystals are already programmed just by what type of crystal/stone they are. Their purpose is already there and there is no need to program an intent.
For instance the Amethyst is already programmed for receptive: Insomnia and nightmares: Placed beneath the pillow it produces a peaceful sleep, and pleasant healing, even prophetic dreams. It will also ensure the wearer will not over sleep.
Kyanite is a powerful ally for enhancing your psychic skills. It works on both the Throat and Third Eye Chakra, helping to both open your "sight" and clear the way for communication with your guides and Angels. Allowing you to more accurately interpret what you are sensing or "seeing". Just to mention a few as the list goes on.
If I find a stone in my walks obviously it doesn't have a purpose yet, unless you are so drawn to it and a certain feeling, it may already be programmed by the earth.
Anyway, I would like your opinions on this, it has been bugging me for a while and maybe I am just looking at it the wrong way.
Lady Bleu

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I agree with you. I do cleanse and charge my crystals from time to time but I don't see a need to 'program' it. The crystals are predisposed to do what they are best at and don't need my help. I use stones and crystals because they have a certain vibration and purpose.
Im with the two of you on this I clean and charge, but I have always gone with the purpose the earth gave them
I agree with cleanse and charge because you don't know what energy the stone has picked up on it's way to you, I just never understood the need to program something that already has a purpose.

I agree with you dear Bleu, I feel we do need to cleanse after use, some running water or salt.

Communication with any stone is in my opinion very important.


Is it true that when a stone  crystal is not longer needed or wants to be with us , it disappears ?

My dearest bought me an expensive crystal pendant, with ornate silver and a tiny garnet 12 years ago. I wore it everyday, and although it had had two or three new cords on it ( cannot wear heavy silver chains round my neck ) we went everywhere together. I cleaned it dutifully, talked to it m she looked after me on long journys, gave me healing and energy when I needed it, I never programmed her but always asked.

I meditated with her and we were best of friends.

Last month i went to the cinema to see Harry Potter's last film, came out of the cinema went to my car, crystal gone, so back to the cinema, staff looked everywhere no crystal. I asked her to show me where she was, I saw the floor of the cinema, went back the day after, offered a reward, left my card with them, nothing, I have been back several times but nothing. I called to her to come home, nothing. I know she was swept up but instinct in the cinema was that a member of staff had her.... that particular member acted very odd when I asked about, ther others were genuinely concerned for me. Do I let crystal go ?

Or keep calling to her ?

Strangely enough that same day I had started to wear a birthday pressy of a pendant of my familiar, is there a connection ?

Any advice would be great xx

I have heard this about when stones/crystals are done with their work they disappear. Personally to me that takes a thought process which they are incapable of. I think they just get lost, misplaced or taken. As to you getting a new pendant the only connection I can think of is the Goddess giving you comfort for the lose of your favorite. Let your crystal go. For some reason your time with her is over.

This is just my opinion.

Thank you dear Lady Bleu I think your right, just to let her go... cut the ties as it were energetically .

How strange though that it happened when watch that particular film.

Blessings my friend.




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