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I thought since Central KY has its own thread, we needed one as well for future reference.


Seventh Street Gifts in Newport, KY -
Aquarius Star and Om Cafe in Clifton Cincinnati, OH -
Solstice New Age Supply in Florence, KY -
Midnight Muse in Downtown Cincinnati, OH - 
Sacred Journeys in Richwood, KY -
Gothic Edge in Covington, KY -
Amethyst Book and Gifts in Cincinnati, OH -
The Dragon's Hoard on Newport on the Levee -
Tala's on Newport on the Levee, Crestview Hills Town Center, and Kenwood -


Ivy Bell Coven -
NKU Pagan Student Association -
Sphinx Coven -
Temple Enochi -
Circle of Mother Earth's Meetup Group -
Cincinnati Pagan Study Group -
Heritage Unitarian Universalist Pagan Community -
Pagans of Cincinnati State -
Cincinnati Pagan Community Fellowship -
Coven of the Illuminated Shadow -
Ohio Healers' Circle -
NKY Fellowship of Healing Energy -


Rev. Bonnie -
Kenn Day -
Raven Silverwing -
MagickMason -
Silver Owl -
Other -

Rev. Rob -
Kenn Day -
Raven Silverwing -
MagickMason -
Silver Owl -

Other Important Links:
Witchvox -
Covenant of the Goddess -
The Parchment Pages -

Northern KY Pagan Pride - and

Cincinnati Pagan Pride - 



Feel free to add anything I may have missed.

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Lol!  We certainly have our fair share.



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