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Meeting new people to learning more.

If your located in kentucky and want to meet up with people that are close to you then this is the place to be if you live in Kentucky.

Im from Lexington Kentucky and I would love to start a meet up group and just talk learn , eat,and enjoy our selfs while drinking necter lol.

This is not to start a coven this is to make friends and learn from each other, as well as have fun while we learn and get to know each other and thats all.

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I come down to Richmond/Berea, KY usually once a month or so to visit my mother who still lives in that area. I wouldn't have a problem meeting up somewhere in Lex for lunch or coffee or something on my way through just to get to know people and talk. No offense to anyone at all, I don't think you're weird or anything, but I would rather meet publicly the first time or so, you never really can be too safe.


I'll give a heads up before I come that way next time. I'm driving that way for Christmas but obviously people will be busy, including myself. However, after the holidays = fair game. Maybe a few of us could get something together and meet up then.


I'm not super knowledgeable about The Craft yet, but I wouldn't mind to share what I know with anyone willing to listen.

Well, there hasn't been a post in here for a year, but if anyone is watching, I am in Lexington near the new Lexus.

Mm I also live in Lexington ky. It is so hard to find other wiccans and pagans in this area. That's y I made a account on here so I can make new friends here in lexington. If anyone lives in the Lexington area message me anytime. Love and light and blessings to all of u )O(
Mm everyone I live in Lexington ky. It is sooo hard to find other wiccan and pagans here in Lexington that's why I'm here to make friends and share our knowledge with each other so if u live in lexington feel free to massage me and get to know each other. :) love and light and many blessings to u all!!!



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