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Alright, So this is my first post on this site ever. 

My friend and I are planning a Beltaine celebration for us and a few of our close friends. I have been charged with the menu and I am at a loss. I don't know what foods would be traditional or acceptable for this celebration. I have done a bit of research on the festival itself, I know that fresh herbs and fruits/veggies are a good place to start. We are aiming toward a more Celtic feel. 


I guess what I am asking is what have you guys done for Beltaine feasts and what would you suggest? Any wines or menu items are acceptable answers!


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bannock is traditional (oat cakes) grilled over your Beltane fire, if possible.

here : Beltane cooking

Some traditional Beltane foods are the first fruits and vegatables of the season. Sweets such as fruit tarts (my personal favorite) or anything using honey are a good choice. Honey mead would be a good drink to offer the adults.


Is mead an actual drink? I am quite uneducated in the varieties of alcoholic beverages, I read about mead in the old story Beowulf, I thought it was an archaic or simply made up drink.
Oh yes, and it is delicious! On a group here, Harobed posted a recipe to make your own (which I haven't tried yet).



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