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I always enjoy meal planning and learning new recipes and what other people like to eat. So I thought I'd share what I ate today. Since it is a work night my husband and I couldn't eat together.

For breakfast

1 Banana and an almond bar with a glass of raw Orange Juice with a TBS of apple fiber



A salad of greens, beet tops, chard, baby kale and spinach with minced garlic, roma tomatoes, Italian dressing with a veggie chicken patty on top(I don't eat these too often because of the soy in them and all the ingredients I can't pronounce, once in a blue moon) and a side of beans. With a water mixed with an Emergen-C packet.


In between  I drank a big cup of Green Tea and some raisins.



A banana and almond butter, a black bean burrito. And a water with Emergen-C.


Followed by a green Tea.

 I also took my usual supplements before dinner:

Garlic, Turmeric, A vitamin C pill, and a probiotic.(I take probiotics for a month then off for a month)

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You put me to shame with all your healthy options!

The weathers' turned nasty here so we've had a week of eating comfort food.

I made a "toad in the hole" (big fat cumberland style sausages, baked in Yorkshire pudding) 3 nights agowith creamed potato that had garlic and herb soft cheese added to it and green beans on the side...

I made a Lasagne yesterday, but I added a can of Baked Beans to it on the cheese sauce layers to give it added texture and flavour...  baked beans are one of the few vegetables (if you can call them that) which my Hubby and eldest Son who still lives at home will tollerate in their meals.

And I'm making chilli and rice tonight...  which I shall be having with a side salad but the lads want potato wedges...

I'm making them drink lots of fruit juice though, and take vitamin supplements so it's not all bad.



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