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Hey wives!

Today I was just wondering what are some things you do everyday for wellness?

I kind of went through a typical day for me in my last post here at the club. I will share some of my daily routines for wellness.

Begin everyday with a warm cup of lemon water and eat 2-3 bananas for breakfast.  Every morning before I shower I practice  skin brushing. I use a Bernard Jensen skin brush. I got mine off of amazon for under $10. I start on my face, ears and neck and brush towards my heart. I continue until my whole body Is done, including my fingers and toes. Skin brushing removes toxins from skin, helps release the fat that is stored under your skin that causes cellulite and gets your blood flowing. I then shower and wash with my homemade all natural soap, and face scrub. I wash my hair with shampoo, I am still looking for an all natural one, but some that are pretty close are Herbal Essences has a rose and chamomile  that have no sulfates and silicone and Garnier Fructise has one that is in a 94% biodegradable bottles and has 0 dye, paraben and silicone. Apple Valley Natural soap makes a shampoo bar that is all natural.

I apply some coconut oil to my still wet hair and just towel it dry, I only use a hairdryer if I am in a hurry or it is extremely cold. I do some self massage, face, back and hands. I drink my green detox juice 2-4 times a week, more rigtht now since I ate a bunch of junk a few weeks ago and my body is still not regular. I have just started adding a tablespoon of apple fiber to a glass of simple orange to help regulate my body also.

I drink plenty of water and tea to stay hydrated. Practice simple yoga every day, I also do squats every day and am trying to incorporate light weights into that.

I am excited to hear the things that you do for wellness and why.



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I have to admit I have always been something of a "tom boy" kind of woman, and never was a great one for lipstick and hairspray and all that kind of jazz, I don't take such good care of myself as all that, and don't have any kind of serious routine going on any more like I once did because my life has changed so much this last 4 years since I gave up paid employment working out in public.  Perhaps that's because I am getting on a bit now in my years, I live out in the sticks, and I look after a lady who is near end of life, so her needs, which sadly grow greater every day, they have to, and do, come first, and I really don't have so many people to impress as I used to have!  I think I have been "letting myself go" for a while now, in truth, wearing sloppy leisure clothing, and not applying any cosmetics to my face, or perfume to my pulse points and so on... saving that as a special treat if we go out to dinner, or a party, or whatever, and I am trying to turn that around a bit, to return to being more of a "pamper-puss" lady...  but it's not easy...  I do have something of an image and self-worth crisis going on to be truthful, I'm afraid of being seen as Mutton dressed as Lamb... Too old to wear fashionable young styles, yet too young to wear frumpy old people's style things if you understand...  I think I've become more like one of the lads because I live with my Hubby and eldest Son... sweat shirts, jogging pants and trainers, etc...  when I do spend time doing the girly thing, say painting my nails, or soaking in the tub, putting on a skirt and freshly ironed blouse, I feel guilty, and vain! but at least I am aware of it, and bothered by it, so there's hope!!!

I tend to get up in the morning and make myself a mug of all-milk (semi-skimmed) coffee, putting the milk into the mug, into the microwave, and adding a heaped spoonful of coffee powder to it...  and that, I am ashamed to say, is breakfast.  I simply can't function without it.  But I can't eat when I first get up,  I feel nauseaus until about 11am.  When it is ok to eat, I usually have a couple of toasted crumpets or muffins (the English savoury kind, spread with low fat butter, not the sweet cake kind).  I sometimes put a bit of yeast extract, or lemon curd on them if I'm in the mood.  If I'm feeling extra adventurous, I might make a bowl of sugar free porridge instead, but I don't feel THAT adventurous very often.

I do shower with one of those cisal-backed sponge puffs, which means I do the skin stimulation thing, my ankles and elbows get a bit dry and ashen if I don't... and I do have one of those strips of toweling wash cloths on bamboo loops at the ends to do the bits of my back I can't reach, so I'm pretty good with that.  I can only use the products called Carex or Simple as I seem to be allergic to everything else.  I towel myself dry briskly, and apply clinical grade aqueous cream moisturiser to my knees and elbows and feet to keep the skin from cracking, but I avoid putting it on other areas of my skin because I have very oily skin by nature and would cause spots to come if I added more product to the already greasey skin. 

I do sometimes rub a cream which contains horse chestnut oil into my shins because I have a cellulitus problem going on due to my spinal injury...  I get fluid build-up happening which leads to swelling and because it can't drain properly it gets infected and hot and painful... applying the cream and then wearing compression bandages and elevating my legs on a sofa helps avoid the need for anti-biotics, (to which I have allergies) but obviously given my current job, this isn't always possible.

I have to leave washing my hair till it's really needed because it gets more greasey the more I wash it.  I tend to do it about every 3rd day, or longer if I can leave it, with astringent (usually clear rather than milky) shampoo to strip out the oil... and I can't dare use conditioner or it just dries greasey again like I haven't bothered to wash it.  I wouldn't dare try using a heated dryer either for the same reason.  I just comb it through briefly to get the tangles out, and let it dry in it's own time.  It gets a brush through now and again because that's all it seems to need to keep it in check.  Afraid to say it gets twisted and gathered up into a bulldog style clip at the back of my head to get it out of the way most of the time, which is probably doing it no good at all really, but it's a case of not getting it in the way because it is very long now (past my waist) and poses something of a problem while trying to do tasks.  Hubby doesn't like me with it cut short so I let it grow)  One thing I am careful about and that's what kind of hair brush I use.  Here, the best kinds of brushes money can buy are called "Denman" and that's what I always get.  I guess it's my one big weakness and extravagance when it comes to self care because they are quite expensive but it's my bottom line on which I won't compromise.

I don't drink enough fluid and have to be reminded to take water...  I think it's because I have a slight bladder control issue following hysterectomy surgery and I find all the extra trips to the bathroom a bother!  I know, it's not good and I really should go get it fixed, but I can't afford time in hospital now because there is nobody else to care for the lady I look after and she couldn't be left by herself (she needs to stay in her own house because it's been especially adapted for her needs and those adaptions aren't available anywhere else).

My spinal injury prevents me from doing much exercise or any sporting activity, that's why I have the fluid problem in my lower legs, but having said that, I practice certain circus/performance skills for fun and relaxation (something called spinning poi, something called manipulating flower sticks, and something called spinning staff,)   so I'm not completely lazy. 

My doctors surgery have just started a scheme that allows access to the local health club for those needing to turn their lives around, so I hope to join that in 2014.  If the pain I suffer in my spine allows and I get cover for the lady I look after.


My grandmother came from Newbury England(don't know if that is spelled right) in the late 40s early 50s and she was a wonderful cook, crumpets and tea are two of my favorite things!

No shame! Breakfast for me does vary but I start it always with lemon water. This morning I fixed cinnamon rolls with my husband so I didn't have a good breakfast today.

I recommend trying skin brushing. It is so good for your skin and it doesn't irritate. It will feel weird and rough at first until you get used to the way it feels. I use a Bernard Jenson brush it was about $6(US) on Amazon. Look into it.

I've got out of some of my routine, since the kids are back in school. Working 11 hour nights, with a family, is tough.  It's a compromise for me either get sleep or go to the gym.  Sleep usually wins.  After all sleep is just as important.  Guess that's my 'daily' wellness for right now.

I got a membership at the Y at the beginning of summer.  I do strength training (lifting light weights).  I spend an hour on the Arc Trainer.  Which I know that's a lengthy amount of time, but with my ear buds in I do get carried away on it, and about 10 minutes on the row machine. I did this 3 times a week.  However, since school started I get there when I can - averaging about once or twice a week. I drink a protein shake afterwards, mixed with coconut or almond milk. 

I also am incorporating more vegetables, fish and water to my diet.  I try to keep the grains down to a minimal.  Gave up soda, chips and sweets, however didn't deny myself a craving every now and then. I'm just more conscience about my portions if I do splurge. I lost over 50 pounds overall.  Everyone says that I look 10 years younger.

I was putting a dollop of organic coconut oil in my coffee.  I need to get back to that.  Or just stop drinking coffee altogether.  Which I don't think I will.  Any tea I drink is always herbal.  Peppermint is my go to tea, but my fave if I can find it is:  Hibiscus and Cinnamon tea.  I've down the lemon water, first thing in the morning, but it's hard for me to stick to it.  I'm such a coffee drinker.

Working on the breakfast thing.  So far I like plan oatmeal with a mashed banana.  That's pretty good.  And I found a pumpkin pancake (flourless) recipe, not too long ago.  Drizzled with real maple syrup.  So nummy!

Usually I do a deep conditioning with coconut oil ever now and then. I apply it to my wet hair, and if it's summer, I put them in braids.  If it's winter, I sport a head wrap all day.  

I usually let my hair air dry.  I don't own a hair dryer.  I do try to keep the products on my hair to a minimal.  

I make my own whipped shea butter, to moisturize my skin.  Ingredients include; shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil, vitamin E oil and coco butter.

I wear eye makeup only, and at the end of the night I remove the makeup with grapeseed oil.  I allow the oil residual to remain on my face.  I do say that dark circles and wrinkles under my eyes have improved considerably. 

For washing my face, I put a couple chunks of raw black soap into a squirt bottle, with some hot sage tea so it can melt.  Fill it up the bottle 3/4 of the way with the tea, and add some organic glycerin soap, with a dollop of honey, to fill it up to the top.

I also make an herbal infusion in apple cider vinegar, that I use as an astringent.  The ingredients eludes me at the moment.  I know I have this written down somewhere, but I do remember some ingredients: myrrh, rose petals and calendula.  

Every so often, I do an raw egg white mask, or do a facial scrub with cornmeal mixed with my liquid black soap.

I'm not 100% organic yet, but strive to do so as much as I can.  So far organic milk, poultry, eggs, bananas and butter (switch away from margarine recently) are things I most certainly pick up every time.

I don't do detox shakes, but am in the process of making a detox tincture.  Right now, it's burdock root, and dandelion leaves.  This tincture is something I been adding to, when I find the right ingredients.

I leave my youngest daughter up to making fruit smoothies.  If I ask nicely, she will whip me up one.  

Will have to look into the Herbal Essences shampoo.  Thanks.

Blessings Always...

Dandelion is good for detox. I am also doing a challenge once a week with my blog. I invited all my wives club members to participate. Since you just joined if you are interested see my blog for the details. Excited to hear from you again! Sounds like you still have decent routine. Sleep wins with me too I work 12 hour nights 3xs a week so I know how that goes. Blessings!



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