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I will name a few of the common herbs and spices of the season and my info comes from Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs and The New Healing Herbs by Michael Castleman.


One of its folk names is Bat's Wing.

Ruled my planet Mars, and the Element of fire.

This herb guards against poison and evil spirits.

Holly water is sprinkled on newborn babies to protect them(I've never heard or seen this)

Holly is carried to bring good luck.

It is hung around the house for good luck at Yule.

Can be used in dream magic.


Some of it's the folk names are: All Heal and Witches Broom.

Ruled by the sun and the element of air.

Cut at midsummer with a golden scythe where the plant is not aloud to touch the ground.

Used for protection, cure disease, misfortune, and to heal wounds(when carried in your pocket, DO NOT APPLY THE HERB TO YOUR SKIN AND OR WOUND)t

Carried to aid in hunting and women can carry to help aid in conception.

Laid near the bedroom door can aid in restfull sleep and beautiful dreams.



Folk name is Elf Leaf

Used in Healing poppets as the stuffing.

Will bring happiness in the new year to anyone who smells it on Christmas Eve.

A small bush of Rosemary can be used as Yule or Christmas Tree and then planted in the ground afterwards or treated with respect in your home(do not take it out and burn it like some do a real tree)

Symbolizes remembrance


Used in rituals pertaining to Healing, Fertility, Money and Protection

Pine cones are carried to promote fertility.

Pine needles are burned during the winter months to purify and cleanse the house.

Pine branches are placed above or over the bed to keep sickness away.

Place over the doorway to ensure ever lasting joy!

If you want to make a pine noncombustible incense for the holidays you can use sawdust as a base.

That is all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed!

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Oh I would love a little potted Rosemary as a Christmas decoration. It looks so cute!

Indeed it does! I saw at Wal-Mart recently that they were selling fresh potted organic herbs in the produce section for around $2.(prices probably vary) They had rosemary, oregano, mint, parsley and sage. I thought about getting some because who can resist fresh herbs! Especially this kitchen witch. I just do not have a place for them right now. We are preparing to move some time within the next 3 months so we are trying not to buy anything we are going to have to move and only buy major things that need replaced. Once we move I would love to have some potted herbs in the kitchen!

Great to see that you enjoyed this post!  Blessings!

Good luck with the move )0(

I am enjoying this thread too,  just off to the stores to see what's on offer.

I'm hoping to come home with some holly, some ivy and some mistletoe to decorate for Yule with. 

A nice Yule log would be good too, with a gold candle and some red and green ribbons, and perhaps a nice bowl of glittery pine cones to put in the fire place... 

Then for on the welsh dresser, I hope to find some nice pot pourri with all the smells of the festive season in it, hints of citrus and spice... so warming on a chilly winters night.

Merry Yule everyone! :) xx

Glad to see you are enjoying the thread Liz! I will have to find the recipe but I have one for a "Christmas Scent" it is all those smells and you warm it on the stove to make your house smell good. It has all the scents of Yule. My dad and I made a yule log. we use red green and white candles, and some fake holly and bows to decorate it. Real holly would be better but it is quite expensive around here. Blessings to you and yours!



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