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I wrote this book to show that the divine nature of Tarot can be used to perform readings, on the issues of Love, Sex, Romance, and relationships. The meanings of all 78 cards were speifically made out in that respect, so when you draw cards, each has its own unique sexually oriented character. Can be used with any spread you choose to use. The book is easy to read, and most decks, with the exception of animal based decks. There's also a separate deck called: Tarot of the Divine Union.
The issues of sexuality are touchy and sensitive. Because many of us were reared in a xtian sense, we're taught the sex has it's "proper place." However on the other hand it's veiwed equally with disdain, sinful, dirty, and often not honestly discussed. our lives are mired with xtain induced guilt, insecurity, and emotional imbalanced. The book deals with this in many ways. it's not simply a "DIY" book.
There are other books I recommend recommend as well. Some of them are from fine authors:
Sexy Witch: LaSara Firefox
Eros: Modern Sex Magick: Donald Michael Kraig
Sexual Sorcery: Jason Newcombe
Sexual Magicks: Margo Anand
Sex Magick Spells: Stella Damiana
There are tons of Internet nased resources and other books and groups, as well that are friendly to the community.

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