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My Reiki teaching and use, was anything BUT traditional.  Yes, we did the actual healing side of things... we were taught the first symbol with our level 1, and if we wanted level 2, we were taught the level 2 symbols (traditional ones.) 


We did healing circles, including a once every two weeks (on a Thursday,) where there was a free healers exchange.  People could come there for healing of Reiki, stone work, oils and aromatherapy, and to exchange tricks etc.


But there was also Reiki used extensively in our witchcraft.


Lets talk about what else Reiki can be used for, beyond the traditional act of healing another with it.  I joke around and say that it's like cheating, because in my opinion it makes things a lot easier.


1.  Cleansing.  Reiki is by far the easiest way I have found to cleanse tools, stones, etc.  Why?  Because it is not your energy.  It is a universal "white light" energy, for lack of a better description.  I know a number of people that have used it on their cards, crystals, etc after they have touched a client.  Quick and easy simply use the power symbol to turn it on and cleanse your tools.


2.  Building energy/Charging.  I have used Reiki energy in building energy, both in solo work and group work.   Why?  Because it is easier, and it is not using our own energy but using that of the universe.  Again, go with the power symbol, and charge or build whatever energy is necessary.


3.  Infusing.  Reiki energy can be used to infuse things like oils, herb mixtures, and the like as much as your own energy can.  It definitely adds some "oomph," to things, from what I have seen.  I know one Reiki master that makes her own oils, and infuses them all with Reiki energy.


4.  I'm not sure where this comes in, and it definitely deserves a post all to itself... but cleaning and balancing the chakras, as well as (I'm not sure of the term here,) running the kundalini.  I use Reiki to trace the kundalini on a person, from their feet up and around the chakras, crossing at the 3rd eye, then over the crown, and back down the back, in the same way.  You can feel blockages this way as well, but I suggest not trying to push past them if you do not know what you are doing.  I have not experienced this, but I have heard people say that you can cause unintentional harm.  The same with Chakra work...   I know that some practicioners simply give Reiki, while others cleanse and balance the chakras at the same time, and get them moving properly.


What else do people use Reiki for?  Any comments or questions?



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Mine was pretty traditional BUT did add 'chakra dowsing' to the bag, a technique to determine whether the energy in a particular chakra was stale, completely off, or perfectly fine. This is a technique I have used many, many times. It's simple, but effective.

You have the recipient lay down upon his or her back. As per procedure, neither arms nor legs should be crossed. Do not deliver Reiki.

Using a small object of their belonging, such as a ring, suspend it from a chain or string to create a pendulum. Hover it approximately six inches above each chakra, beginning with Muladhara. The pendulum will immediately begin to make circles over the chakra.

What you are looking for are relatively wide, clockwise circles. This denotes a properly functioning chakra. Slow or little movement, or simply the pendulum rocking back and forth, denotes improper functioning. Counterclockwise suggests an inversion of energy.

Once I have reached Sahasrara, completing the major seven, I will then discuss the findings. You can suggest potential physical or non-physical causes for any chakra that is improperly functioning. If you don't really know the person, talk with them. A improperly functioning Anahata, all too common in my experience, can either suggest problems of the heart or lungs, or more commonly, emotional issues. Only once have I ever saw an improperly functioning Sahasrara, which flabberghasted me. Some time later, I learned that a tumor was found near her pineal... :(

Obviously, we cannot and should not diagnose ANYTHING, but small talk can go a long way.

Now, it's time to treat the misfiring wheel. Initiate Reiki as per how you were instructed. Placing your dominant hand over the chakra, make three clockwise 'opening' gestures. Imagine that you are opening up a jar. Apply Reiki to the affected region until you know it has had its fill. You practitioners know what I am talking about.

Then close it with three counterclockwise gestures. Do -not- forget this. If more than one demands treatment, open, treat, close, then move to the next one.

Hover the pendulum over the chakra(s) treated and compare the present movement with the previous. It should be showing that it is fully functioning on par with the rest. If not, and I recall this happening to me only twice, give it a few minutes and repeat. This will correct their chakras for the time being, but if they do not make corrections in the circumstances that originated the problem in the chakra, it will soon fall back into a malfunctioning state. You can needs follow-ups, but push for self-correction.

When working with the chakras, expect responses. I recall of no person that, when having their Anahata treated, did not break down into tears.

Once all chakras have been closed and re-dowsed, I usually finish up with a sweep and a general dose of Reiki throughout their entire body.



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