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Quill to Parchment

This is a group for all the literary types out there. A place where poets, authors, and song writers can come share there work. Discussions will also encompass works of literature that we have found influential and important in our lives.

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Welcome to Quill to Parchment !

Hello and Welcome.

I am quite new to the online world of well anything, up until recently I haven't done a whole lot online so I ask that you all bear with me while I work to figure all this out.

With that said, I started this group because Strata noticed I both enjoy reading and writing poetry and made the suggestion that perhaps I might be interested in starting a group on it. I thought it was a brilliant idea, and I thank her very much for putting it out there.

I have always found that writing poetry helps me express what I am thinking or feeling at any given point in time and I recently decided that I would like other opinions on how my writing is and what can be improved. I have started a few short stories that have yet to make it to completion and as for song lyrics I know nothing about them but feel that even though I may not know much about them I could easily learn and what better way then through discussion. I am also an avid reader. Which opens up the potential for the added topic of influential authors or literary works.

In conclusion I hope to make this a welcoming group for anyone who wants to share thier work and discuss other works of literature. I would like to note however that if quotes, excerpts, or full literary works are going to be posted here that the title of the work is listed as well as the author of the work, so credit can be given where credit is due. Thank you and I hope having fun talking literature with all of you.


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Comment by Chris Barnes (Barny Boo) on February 24, 2012 at 16:48

Hi I'm new to the group and sort of new to writing. I have an A4 book that I keep in case I get inspired, which If I'm honest isn't very often, that has been collecting dust for some time.


I joined the group in the hope that talking with other writers will help me to both find inspiration and get what I want to say on to paper/screen.  I feel that I have some ideas that I like but just don't know how to word them. If I think of something I will always try to at least make a note of it in my book, but nothing ever happens with it. I would love to write a book and hopefully get it published I know that that is very far from were I am right now, but I feel it is a possible path for myself and my life as a hole. I see nothing other than being creative in this lifetime, but am finding it very hard to take my life in that direction. Any advice would be very appreciated. Cheers in advance.  brightest Blessings.  Chris.

Comment by Moon Beam on October 18, 2011 at 15:17
I recently published a short fiction story (the first part of the story, I actually put on here a while ago: Witches: Real or Fantasy was the name of the post) inspired by Wicca, if you are interested, you can check out more details or buy a copy here:, if you like what you see please let me know and tell your friends. By the way, is a great self-publishing website that is free if anyone is interested in turning their stories from here into a book.
Comment by Abby Noel Smith on March 16, 2011 at 22:40
Well thank you very much Moon Beam
Comment by Moon Beam on March 16, 2011 at 6:41



Many people have the same problem you do, myself included in fact. Sometimes I am so excited about the plot of a story that I am just like hurry up and get there and sometimes I end up getting frustrated and stop writing a story completely. The thing to remember though and it is hard, is that even the details are their own story and without them your characters and story would not be as bright as colorful and they would not come alive on the page. Just as in life when the little details make us who we are, they make our characters who they are, without them, characters usually get lost.


That being said, if you are not a writer and do not like writing but still want to get your thoughts out, there is an option. You could tape record what you want to say just like you are talking and getting your thoughts out and then either write them down yourself afterward or work with a writer who will help you compose your thoughts into writing for you. This is what I do for my work as a freelance writer and it helps a lot of people who have really great thoughts but don't love the writing process as much.


Anyway, I hope this helps. There are some great people here and great stories, welcome and I hope you will share your story with us.


Blessed Be:)

Comment by Abby Noel Smith on March 16, 2011 at 2:01

I do not love writing. I know this must sound funny, because this is a writing group. The thing is; I want to love to write. The written word is the key, the door, the portal, between the realm that is my chimerical imagination, and this reality we live in. Without learning to be a writer, I will never be able to bridge the veil between the two. What I truly love is to imagine, to create and explore my own crazy little mind. After years, and years of imagining brilliant worlds, people and places, I’ve decided that it’s about time I let everyone in on my thoughts, so maybe perhaps, my friends and family can enjoy them too. No no, I’m not looking to get a book published. But I would like to at least finish one. If only to give to my dear friend, as he is always so interested in hearing all the things I create. So I suppose I’ve come to this group, looking for encouragement, and guidance. How do you keep on writing, when you feel like you just want to get the plot out and don’t care about the details? Hah, that’s how I feel right now. I’m writing a really neat story, and I know that the details are the most important part, but I’m simply not patient enough to do that. I also have no clue how to correctly form my thoughts and ideas in to sentences that are easy to understand. I usually think in abstract sentences. It’s hard for me to explain my world in words that everyone else will understand. I’ve joined this group to interact with true writers and poets, and hopefully some of your know-how will rub off on me. :) I would love to learn from all of you, and grow to be a writer, instead of just a dreamer.

Comment by Moon Beam on January 8, 2011 at 18:28

I usually have this problem too, but maybe some teachers or formal instruction would help keep you focused.



Comment by Miss Nel (Spacious Feline) on January 8, 2011 at 11:01
NaNoWriMo got me to get a whole story out of my head... I was the same for a long time.
Comment by Esmerelda Na Breathnoir on January 8, 2011 at 10:55
I'm never really sure why, but sometimes I get so excited about a new story and I work on it sparingly, then before I know it I get so bored and it just ends up in the garbage part of my brain. Any ideas on what I could try to keep myself from giving up?
Comment by Moon Beam on January 3, 2011 at 15:19

I had a question that I thought might be relevant to this group since being writers  most of us probably read as well. I was considering getting a Nook or Kindle e-reader but can't decide which one would be best. I mainly just want it for reading to avoid wasting paper and a trip to the store. Anyone have one that can give me advice? Any would be appreciated.


Thank you. Also, I am in the middle of working out a story in my mind, will post some of it when I have it down on paper.


Blessed Be:)

Comment by Moon Beam on January 1, 2011 at 9:25

Happy New Year, everyone, I hope it is wonderful, full of health and love for you all:)


Blessed Be


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