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How do you incorporate your faith in the experience of pregnancy? Do you feel that the descisions you make during pregnancy and childbirth are influenced by what you believe spiritually? Does your practice of a pagan religion help you to connect with the proccess of becoming a mother?


Of course- no answer is a "right or wrong" answer! If you do not "incorporate your faith" are there ways you might consider adding a spiritual element to your current pregnancy labor and delivery, future ones, parenthood, or conception?


I hope you all are having a good (and relatively stress free) day!


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I'm curious about this too. I don't have children yet, but I'm wondering how parents are raising their children the "pagan way". How are you instilling the values and principles in the early years of life.

I was pagan when I was pregnant with my first child and it didn't change much of the way I originally viewed the pregnancy. I found, though, that it was easier to feel the energy during circles and such, but also harder to raise because of being nervous of the pregnancy itself. The way I incorporated my faith, really, was just singing chants and pagan songs while pregnant. With this second pregnancy I am making a CD filled with many of the songs I think to be lullaby-worthy and playing them for the baby while in the womb, so I can just put the headsets on and rest (though I still would love to sing some myself, of course).


I feel so much more connected with my pregnancies, too be truthful, because it makes me think of the Goddess and her three aspects: I was once the maiden, and now I am the mother. lol. Mostly I merely sing songs, and am creating a Pagan story/chant/activity book for my daughter (first child) now which will also be shared with the new baby.I also know that when me and the husband were trying to conceive, I did, not quite a spell, but a prayer to the Goddess and God hoping for a child and no sooner than 2 weeks later was I blessed with the good news. So my faith and spirituality have a good handle on things, I think. :D


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