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Now that Lughnasadh has been and gone, the next Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year for those of us here in the UK is Mabon, the Autumn Equinox, falling on Saturday, September 22nd (at 15:49 BST for those who like to know exactly when it will be).


If you want to know more about the Sabbat, here's a good link to have a look at


Do you have plans for the Autumn Equinox, Mabon 2012?



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LOL for the exact time-yness of it all!!

I'll probably be doing a ritual of some sorts, whilst everything is in perfect balance still. During the darkner nights I get alot more depressed than usual, I find it hard for me to want to crawl out of bed everyday just to repeat yesterday. (I haven't been diagnosed with SAD by the way!)  I'll probably incorporate something for me to remember that it won't be dark forever and like I always do I'll get through it again!

That and a member of our group, *may* be doing her dedication so I'll be sending support and hi5s to her :)


How about you MC?

Aw, sorry to hear the dark half of the year approaching isn't good news...  we are opposites on that score then, I mourn the end of winter every spring...  and celebrate the death of summer, I guess we can't all be the same.

My Mabon isn't planned yet, the rest of my coven are away at the Goddess Conference at Glastonbury so I await their return to make decisions on it, however I have been invited to the Swansea Moot's ritual, based on Egyptian practices so I may venture over to join them for that.

Not so long to go now.

I've been invited to the Avebury open ritual.

If anyone here is going, let me know and perhaps we could meet up somewhere beforehand, and go together?

BB MoonCrone xx



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