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Hi all!

13moons is my favorite place to shop.  They have a huge selection of wildcrafted and organic herbs and essential oils, (some of which are nearly impossible to find anywhere else) myriad different incense blends; as well as the supplies needed to craft your own, lovely witchy bling for the home or altar, divinatory tools, books, candles, jewelry, statuary, posters, e.t.c. 

They also have a Hoodoo selection that includes handmade conjure oils, incense, sachet powders, soaps & washes and mineral, herbal and animal curios.

Their prices are great and shipping costs are reasonable.  Customer support is also wonderful; if you email with questions or concerns someone will get back to you within the day.  They do a great job with packing and I've always received my packages within two days of ordering them.


If you're in the triad area of North Carolina, there's an awesome shop on Trade Street in Greensboro called Eclectic by Nature.  The proprietress, Tavane Taylor is awesome; she's extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  She hosts drumming circles on both the Full and New Moons, as well as several other classes and workshops.  Her shop is packed to the brim with occult trinkets and supplies:  I'm never able to leave without dropping at least $50!  She has a special selection of supplies for rootworkers, one of the reasons I love the place so much.


Happy shopping!

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