Greeting to all on this chilly winter's night. 

For a long time I have been keeping several different books of shadows over the years and I am looking to make a master copy so to speak. I am thinking about going digital as I have bad spelling, and my hand writing can be only so-so at times. What are everyone's though on going digital? Before I make a digital copy, do I need to bless my laptop? I use my laptop for everything, a dvd player, stereo, etc. I think that the olny thing I don't use my laptop for is my dairy(which does not get a lot of use anyway). I was thinking that a digtial copy could also hold chants, music and guided mediations, and artwork which speaks to me. As well I can go back and edit a digital one at any point in time. Plus I can download images, songs and other media that can't go in a paper copy.

As well I plan on making a Master paper copy as well, as I am scrapbooker I was thinking that was going to buy a 3 inch ring binder and several packs of paper protecters, and also keep a paper Master copy instead of having several half finished books around. I was also thinking about either making a fabric covering or buying some clear mac-tac and making a paper cover and then putting all of my information the binder.

What are your thought?

Blessed BE

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I have a digital BOS that I use pretty regularly, using Microsoft OneNote. It's nice because I can save, print, and put links to the source websites. I also use a digital BOS on my iPhone that I found free, which has excellent information, and a spot that I can save my own notes.

Greetings Sage Wolfe, 

I'm new here for one, two I think that having a digital copy isn't a bad idea, as long as your keeping it on a thumb drive. I wouldn't keep just a copy on just the laptop only because we all know that laptops can be fickle at times. Having a paper copy with your own touch makes it very personal and I don't know if you have any children, but I plan on passing mine when I get the chance to put it together... to my oldest daughter and have her share it with her sister's and of course have them add to it. with all things it's just best to go what comes from your heart and gut.. 

Hope this has helped some, as for a blessing of the laptop.. for this special purpose. I say sure why not. 

Blessed Be


I felt for me having a digital Book of Shadows and Book of Mirrors was more practical - I'm blind so having braille volumes would be crazy I utilise a private online blog and for my BoS making catagorizing correspondences and being able to refer to them at a seconds notice from anywhere really helpful.



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