Hello everybody!!!


The other day I came accross the incense warehouse site, actually is the site where I buy most of my incense because the prices are super great, and came accross a burning incense technique that I decided to give it a try, once I did and saw how it works, I decided to share it with all of you.


Usually when you are using charcoal for your non combustible incense you end up having to attend it every minute, either sprikling some more or spreading it better on the charcoal, and sometimes you end up scortching it instead of actually getting the best out of it.


This technique is called "heating incense" and the way it is done is by forming something like a little pile with the sand you have in your cauldron or incence burner, heat the charcoal and put it on top of the pile making sure the sides don't touch the sand, so the charcoal can breathe, and let it turn gray.  In the meantime take a very small piece of aluminum foil and make a small cup out of it, small enough to fit in the center of the charcoal, place the cup there and then add the incense powder of your choice and that's it, you get the best smell ever, without the scortching results and a longer smoking for about 45 minutes to an hour, depending the size of your charcoal.


This method is also very good if your incense calls for a couple of drops of oil.


I tried this method and it worked great for me, I hope it does the same to you.


Brightest Blessings to all!!!


Mila Abbott


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Hi Mila, Thanx for sharing this .. was wondering if you'd mind sharing the site you buy your goods from please. Blessings
Liana, the site is http://www.incensewarehouse.com/ and if you check on the indian incense, the prices are really jaw dropping, I couldn't believe it myself when I found that page, and their shipping time rocks!!!

wow excellent!! thanx a bunch for sharing the link with me..appreciate it..Blessings


You are very welcome!!!

Thank you for sharing this.  I'm going to give it a try, since I hate the over-smoking that charcoal produces (especially in my little apartment!).

Incense Warehouse is awesome.  I've browsed there before and I can't believe I missed this tip.



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