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Blow dust from thy ancient skin and speak that which you seek, not for the petty heart nor mind that is so meek. I'll heed your word, provide you spells, and give you all you need, but maketh sure thy heart is pure in thought, word, deed.

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Blessings to all paths that cross in Magick!

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Incantis L'huayk

Deteriorate a Curse with Luck 4 Replies

*Disclaimer: You must be certain that you are cursed because the more you believe in a curse the more power it gets. If you believe another has done some negative work on you, meditate on it for a wh…

Started by Incantis L'huayk. Last reply by Incantis L'huayk 3 minutes ago.

Incantis L'huayk

Chant to Deacrese Debt 2 Replies

Chant to decrease debt That which encumbers That which does hold The ties to our money of silver and gold I untie these ropes I cut off these chains Unburdening the body from economical strain Mo…

Started by Incantis L'huayk. Last reply by Incantis L'huayk 1 day ago.

Incantis L'huayk

Power; The Magical and Mundane

Power;  The Magical and Mundane Kind  *Purely educational. I want this to be available to those that are in agreement with my moral standpoint on power. This ideal is based on years of countless…

Started by Incantis L'huayk Jan 12.

Incantis L'huayk

Welcome to Old Tomes!

Within these pages (figuratively of course) you will be able to learn from each other and bring into the tome that which is missing. I wish that the information fate will bring within will be able to…

Started by Incantis L'huayk Jan 10.

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Incantis L'huayk Comment by Incantis L'huayk on January 10, 2011 at 8:51pm

Hey Yuugure! Thank you. I doesn't mean anything to my knowledge, I just made it up :)


This group is going to be a place where we can share spells with each other and post things like:









You can even ask me for a spell by either creating a post in this group or by private messaging me if it is personal. I am also here for advice and help if anyone needs any. I will try to be as committed as possible.


As well, I will provide one spell (or other) a week either of my own making or someone else's I find on the web or in books; properly cited of course!


If you have any questions let me know, I look forward to hearing back from you!



Yuugure Comment by Yuugure on January 10, 2011 at 3:35pm

Hey Incantis. Nice name, by the way. What does "L'huayk" mean, it's not a language I recognise.


Also, when I read the group name I was expecting a group about books and such, but that doesn't seem to be the idea. Care to explain it a little bit for me?


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