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I am just starting out but can't really say I am new to the craft. I have been studying Wicca/Paganism my whole life. I never had anyone around me who was a practitioner. As a child I meditated and connected with the energy without knowing what it was. It was just a way I relaxed as I got older and studied more I learned the names for acts I had always done. I worked small spells in middle school (calming mind, dealing with stress) just small ones. I know this is the path for me because I feel the goddess around me. Through every situation in my life all I have to do is look outside or open myself up and I feel the energy. I see the energy in the beauty of the world and it fills me so I could never feel sorrow. But through all these years I am still not sure how to go about worship. As I said all I have to go on is the books I have read and the Web pages I have found. And as much information they have about Holiday Rituals. I cannot find anything to show me how to go about simple daily worship and thanks. I am very frustrated. Please anyone who has tips just on daily life and worship please help me out. 

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HI and Merry Meet, Amber --

First, i'd like to congratulate you on finding this great resource (Real Pagan discussions). There is so much error, mis-information and confusion on the web, but this is one of the best sites for good, reliable info from good, solid, knowledgable and experienced folks :D

I'd like to suggest some other good, reliable resources: Here are some of the best:


A. Websites:

CoG - Covenant of the Goddess -
CoG is a national organization of (legally-recognized Wiccan "churches) - Wiccan covens, clergy and solitaries -- with local "councils" in many cities; providing general, basic information, links to resources, etc.

2. Circle Sanctuary -
Circle is a Pagan (not just Wiccan) Sanctuary, working farm, and learning center, offering training, workshops, festivals, networking, etc.

3. Witchvox -
Witchvox is a wonderful resource that offers general, basic information, referrals and links to local and regional resources.

5. Wicca For the Rest of Us -
One of the better Pagan internet sites; lots of good information, articles, resources, links, networking, etc.

4. “Beginning Wicca” Yahoo Group -
- One of the better Yahoo groups with several High Priests and Priestess members, so there are lots of good discussions and good information.

5. –
Classes on Traditional Wicca.

7. Tangled Moon, Lark's excellent Wicca site:

8. CUUPS – the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans – ( -- Is sponsored by the Unitarian-Universalist Church, which is a very liberal church with many members of diverse religions; holds classes, rituals, etc.


1. Books and Authors To Avoid:
Before going any further, however, I want to give you a warning: There are many books that are so-so (pretty good), there are a few that are excellent, and there are (too many!) that are crap. As you get more and more experience with the better materials, you will be able to make better and better choices, faster, about which are which.

See for example, “Problematic Pagans”, here:

See Also: recommend

2. Good Book Resources On Wicca:

a. Ellen Cannon Reed's "The Heart of Wicca" --
NOTE: This is the very best book on the “Heart and Soul” of Wicca that I’ve found in over 30 years; it’s the first and major book i would recommend to anyone!

b. Starhawk's "The Spiral Dance",
c. Janet and Stewart Farrar's "The Witches Bible" -
d. Ray Buckland's "Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft" –
e. Gerald Gardner's "Witchcraft Today" and "The Meaning of Witchcraft"

Next, I'd like to suggest the following article on the necessity of finding good Teachers:

And finally, here's an article detailing some suggestiions for getting started, which i wrote some time ago--

I hope some of that is helpful -- Please don't hesitate to ask any other questions!

Good LUck and Blessed Be - Gaia



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