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yeah, this is a cliche' question, but oh well. why did you start being a pagan, wiccan,etc.?

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I first tuck an interest in the symbolism of Paganism in college, I was studying art and design, and it kind of grew on me. So I started reading my mums books and found that I believed in allot of what the authors talked about.  It just sprouted from there really.

I was born to it, 52 years ago.  Both my Nanna's were witches, and their Mothers before them too.  Even further back than that, probably...  I know hereditary craft gets knocked, sadly so many falsely claim it as validation... but for me, it's the truth.  I don't hold with the idea that anyone who isn't born to it isn't "real".  We can all learn, we can all achieve.  In fact, I think hereditary folk can be a bit... lazy and complacent, perhaps... I know I have been guilty of that at times...  while folk who come new to it later on in life seem to put in more effort and one could argue get a lot more out of it...  The only authenticity I claim is that I do lots of things still in my family's way, as the generation before did and the generation before that...  Some of the developments in my path I have initiated by being curious and needing to learn more and wanting to try new things out, some have been thrust upon me by the fates... Keeping an open mind is the key...and being able to adapt to change.  I have enjoyed it all, and wouldn't change a single thing.  Just some of my rambling thoughts on it...xx

You know as I am too so new to this; I almost believe that there may be a heriditary link to my biological family? I was adopted and gave been a devout Christian all my life bu t have been drawn to magick ever since I can remember! Still I know only one other practicing Wiccan and am very much in need of a mentor (Priestess) that can teach me more about all the beliefs that I have and how I "fit"

My answer might be unlike others. but what brought me to Paganism was a desire to do magick on a boy i was very much enamored to. I wanted to learn and cast love spells on this guy. It worked, so i did more and more. The 3 fold law eventually caught up to me and really i didn't know it or i just didn't care at that time. my desire was more important then any moral standard. As things began to go drastically wrong. i started to look for solutions by doing other magic. this i looked up on line. At the same time this was going on i was feeling really low on my self. i felt lost and alone more so then i did when i began doing this magic. As i was looking on line i started to come across where magic came from. then i came across what Being a Pagan was. I read more and more and it fascinated me. I started to believe that my role in life wasn't an empty vessel and that i had a purpose in life. that i'm connected to everything and everyone. through pagan/wicca i learned to value my self. Thus my path to travel began on my spiritual path. that was about 10 years ago. i thus have gone to other beliefs but now want to reconnect. that's how i began. and ohhh i'm here in the new witch group cos i want to begin and work up. 

After picking up a Wicca book by accident, I started to read more and more into it when I was about 13 years old. A few months ago I REALLY started to get into it, reading more and more about it then I was lucky enough to find out my friends mother is Wiccan and was willing to teach me. So far I am 7 weeks into the class and so far loving EVERY minute of it and look forward to class every week. She has been teaching me everything I want/need to know and always happy to anwser questions I may have and trust me, I have ALOT of questions and not enough time to ask them. haha. 



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