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Oh for heaven's sake, it's been a hell of a year for organic gardening! Even my tomatoes, that are usually SO GOOD, got early blight!! ( I broke down and used fungicide)


What are your tips and tricks for tending to your tendrils?

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I haven't had mine going for too long, but my first lesson was that only trees want TRUE full sun.  Other plants/crops want 6 hours of sun, max. Living in southwestern TN, it gets HOT here in June and last year's tomato crop got burned all up.  The survivors were the early girls planted under the oak trees in what is lovingly called "the pit."  Now, they are in a better place, but one of my only 2 plants got mowed over!  :(


I'm gonna go get at least one new one to make up for it, and clearly flag, stake, fence my precious babies!

Is anyone using the deep bed method? It's basically double digging - how's that working out for you?

Aw, that sucks :( ! I've never had problems like that, but thanks for the link 

Is the deep bed method where you make mounds? 



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