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It is of the belief of Kemetics that the Heart (AB) is the seat of feeling, emotion and is the key to after life. For it is the heart that is weighed against Ma'at's feather, during the Weighing of the Heart ceremony.

When evaulating the heart, it seats at the center of our very being and is the life force to our existence. The heart also has a direct influence over our total health; mind, body and spirit. Being centered in and on our heart space, is where we can achieve optimal physical and spiritual health.

On the other hand by not nurturing our core and ignoring it's vital force within our lives. Succumbing to fear, doubt, guilt, darkness and vice. By not providing the heart with it's spiritual, emotional and physical needs, the heart will harden and become a heavy burden; destroyed. This is counteractive for anyone seeking overall well being.


- Do you think you can rebuild a heart? If so, how?

- Do you think that the heart has the same value across all cultures?

- Do you know of any other paths that have similar ideas?  Share.

Ankh Udja Seneb

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