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This was originally a response to Sangraal, looking to aid a friend of his in the process of losing weight. But, I figured I'd preserve it here, for posterity's sake. :) This is, I should note, also something I'm going to be trying for myself in the near future.


Toby for Willpower

A toby would be good to give her for an aid in willpower and the like. I would recommend the use of a High John to allow her to conquer the urges, bergamot to achieve goals despite obstacles, rosemary which empowers and strengthens women, lavender to help relieve the stress of the process and probably some sage, which both strengthens women and grants wisdom, to make the right choices. Anoint and feed with High John or Crown of Success oils.


Spell Bottle for Weight Loss

For an actual spell to remove the weight (rather than boost her willpower for the process), I would use a spell-bottle. Nine pins, nine needles, plus a name paper (her name, crossed with "Weight Be Gone!") and a piece of that food that she is weakest to resist thrown in, then filled with Four Thieves Vinegar and a pinch of red pepper flakes. She should shake it at least every morning, saying "My weight dissolves and falls away. I am thinner and healthier. I have conquered my urge to eat things that are bad for me." She can also give it a good, solid shake every time she feels a little low on willpower, or is faced with temptation.


As with all kinds of conjure, this is intended to augment mundane efforts, not replace them.

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And yet another thing I will have to do, once I get back on my magical feet. LOL


That herb combination would do a nice oil, too, to anoint candles and etc. for the same purpose :)

Quick question on the Toby:

I have some graveyard dirt from a physician. Would this be an okay addition since the willpower needed is ultimately for her health and well-being?

Thanks, again, for this!
Sang: Definitely! That's a great addition, especially if she's being motivated to weight loss by medical concerns.
I am going to try the spell bottle. I'll post back in about four weeks to let you all know of my progress.
Interesting post I have been searchng for this Thanks...BB
I think I'll give this one a go, let you know how I get on
And yet another thing I will have to do, once I get back on my magical feet. LOL-By Elise

How is it that we get off of our magical feet to begin with? I almost completely ran away with mine!
..... Absolutely making use of this. Thank, Oaky. <3

Spell bottle and materials, check.  Phase of the moon...wish it were waning, but I think this bottle is something good to put together during Samhain.  Furthermore, the moon is not waxing too much and well, my own "lunar cycle" (read between the lines) should give the bottle extra power.  Looking forward to this weekend and putting all of this together.  I am 5'1" and weigh 162 pounds.  My optimal weight is 110 so the spell bottle in addition to "mundane efforts" will hopefully help me get through this low point in my life.  I'm 32 and health weighs heavily on the mind, body, and soul.


Love to all.

also, so the nails means the kind you put in the wall, also, what kind of needles? beading needles? sewing needles? Pine needles? lol (trying not to be annoying, just wanna get the right ingredients!)

Yup, the kind you put in the wall. And the needles should be any kind of metal needles with very sharp tips that will fit in the bottle.

I'm doing this.  Hopefully it should give my stubborn metabolism the kick in the ass that it needs!



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