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Though there is plenty to be said about graveyards in conjure (and in fact, we've said a lot of them in this group!), I'm not talking about an actual graveyard. Rather, this is a method of disposal of ritual materials.


First of all, understand that some rituals require you to dispose of your "ritual left-overs" in specific ways - burying them near your front door if it's a rite meant to bring something to you, at a crossroads or into running water to disperse something or hidden away to keep the mojo running.


Other tricks don't necessarily have a specific disposal method mandated. For these sorts of things, my grandmother used a "graveyard" - a lidded basket lined with white cloth into which candle stubs, used-up herbs and powders and old parchments and name-papers were disposed of. When it reached a certain point, she'd tie up the ends of the cloth, making a bundle of the remnants and then burn them.


To make a proper graveyard, you'll need:

  • A container of some kind, with a lid. This is usually kept near the altar or work-space.
  • White cloth, big enough to line the container and drape its four corners so they stick out of the container when the lid is on it (so it'll be easy to tie it into a bundle when it's full).
  • Graveyard dirt (see below)

The graveyard dirt isn't the standard stuff, taken from a grave plot. Instead, go the graveyard and knock on the gate or post that forms its entrance. You pray to Old Death and the protectors of the graveyard to allow you to take some of the dirt of the graveyard, asking them to bless it so that it keeps the remnants of the mojo that it needs to keep interred, the way the graveyard keeps the remnants of the people safe and secure. Then, collect graveyard dirt normally.


When you get home, you line the container with the cloth, sprinkle some of the graveyard dirt in it, just enough to cover the bottom of the container, and then shut the lid on it.


It's now ready to receive the remnants of your spellwork and trick-making. Be careful about putting liquids and the like in it, obviously, unless they're in another container of some sort. When it's full enough to bundle up securely, tie it up into a good, solid knot, and burn it.


My grandmother used to tuck these bundles away, and burn them all in a big fire on St. John's Day (June 24th).

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Oh, I like this method. I like this method a lot. XD This post is something I needed to read.

Thankyou, Oaky. <3

Since I tend to work with a fire for nine out of ten of my rituals, I generally consume any 'leftovers' at that point in time by putting them into the fire right then and there. However... I have yet to really do any ritual other than those created entirely by me, so, I haven't ever had a set way I had to get rid of leftovers...


Great read! :D

I either dispose of my " workings", via water or fire...but this post is really interesting Oak.
Thank you this is every good input. I shall make a wicker basket.
My *graveyard* is almost complete.  (wow that sounds sinister lol)  I'll post info soon.. :)

Slightly off topic, but this particular discussion is not listed in the "Content" section... I think it should be there... :)


I made myself a makeshift graveyard after reading this... Conciliating my setup and the fact that I have a yorkie, by nature inquisitive... I use a old good-for-the-recycling-bin cardboard box, closable. Once it's full, I'll burn the whole thing, and get a new one. Not the best arrangement, but you use what you can... :P



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