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Note: If you have not read the discussion on Master Candles, please go and read that first. This discussion assumes familiarity with the material there.


First and foremost, these terms all mean the same thing. A petitioner candle is a candle that is dressed and lit from a Master Candle for a specific burning purpose. They are called "child" candles because they're the "children" of your Master candles. Likewise, they are sometimes called "client" candles, because they are most often made for clients to take home and burn themselves.


Where your Master Healing candle (for instance) is intended for healing work in general, when you need to do specific healing work, you would create a petitioner candle for that specific purpose. This discusses the step-by-step process for doing so.


Materials: You will need:

  • Your Master Spirit Candle
  • Your Master [Purpose] Candle; i.e. your Master Love Candle, or Master Money Candle.
  • A taper candle of the same color as your Master [Purpose] Candle.
  • A dressing oil appropriate to the work at hand.
  • High John the Conquerer dressing oil (optional)


1. Light your Master Spirit candle. Spend a moment basking in the light of Spirit, or God, or whatever Source this candle represents in your workspace.


2. Light your Master Purpose candle, using a small taper to transfer light from your Master Spirit candle. Say a prayer, calling the attention of God or Source to the work you are about to do. When you light the Master Purpose candle, don't be specific, and don't forget to include yourself in the prayer. You wouldn't say "Let there be healing for Margaret." You would instead say: "Turn your eye, O Holy Light, to the sacred healing of all the world. May healing come to rest in this flame, and in my own body."


Dressing the Taper

3. Into your left hand, pour a few drops of your dressing oil into your cupped palm. If you are using High John the Conquerer oil to boost the power of the candle, then drop one or three drops of it into your palm, allowing it to mix with the dressing oil you're using.


4. Take the taper in your right hand, gripping the bottom of the taper. Place it down into your left palm, with the middle of the taper's length right into the oil there.


5. Twist the taper clockwise and pull the taper through the oil, so that it anoints the top half of the taper.


6. Place the taper's middle back into the oil, then turn the taper counter-clockwise, pushing it through the oil, so that it anoints the bottom half of the taper.


Notes: For those who are so inclined, other elements can be added to the dressing at this point. While the oil is still wet, it is possible to roll it through either crushed herbs or a hoodoo powder to strengthen the effect, or to add an element: a candle to land a wealthy husband, for instance, might be a red candle anointed with Love Attraction oil, and then rolled through a Money Attraction powder, for instance.


Setting the Light

7. Taking the now-anointed taper, touch its wick to the flame in your Master [Purpose] candle. Hold it aloft and allow it to burn a little. Pray over the flame, asking Source that it should do its specific work; this is where you would ask for healing for the client, specifically.


8. Allow it to burn just long enough to speak the prayer, then use the taper to make the sign of a cross or X in the middle of the air above your Master [Purpose] candle. Then, with your right hand, pinch out the flame, or snuff it. Pinch up a little of the melted wax and pull it up over the wick, "sealing" the prayer and the light in.


The candle can then be given to the person for whom it was made (likely wrapped in plastic or a paper towel to protect things from the anointing oil), or immediately relit and then set to the purpose it was intended.

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I notice that for client candles, you anoint them in the direction opposite than for the Master Candle... Is there a reason for that? :)


(According to [Setting Lights] You Master Candles - "turn it counter-clockwise as you pull it toward you, anointing it from the middle to the top"... and here "Twist the taper clockwise and pull the taper through the oil, so that it anoints the top half of the taper.")

Wah! Good catch! It should be clockwise in both instances. Damn it. Thanks, hun. :)



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