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The idea for this post came from a discussion on colouring candles on the main hoodoo page.

Ooh, colouring candles is a real pain, I experimented some years ago and I agree with Strata, the craft shop idea was the best. Unfortunately,to me that felt like cheating, I wanted a more natural "i did it myself" feel to the work.
What I did do, is make a home made reversible candle. As this is the hoodoo page I have given them a hoodoo name, see title :-)

Get a white candle and prep it with good energy, the kind you want to bring into your life.
Then find the "BAD" candles, eg, brown, green and yellow (depending on the stuff you want to burn away). And melt them in a pan, separately. At this point you can add oils to the melted wax, for one I made for a friend, I wrote her problems on a bit of paper,burnt the paper and added the ash to the wax. And eew was it a nasty mess! Ideal!

Dribble the melted coloured wax over the white, letting the colours mix but not fully. Keep telling the candle what is binding it. "this is sloth", "your job is in a rut" etc.

The idea is that in the end the white candle is totally covered in nasty, all streaked and spotty, the poor thing :-(

When you or your client is ready, set the candle somewhere appropriate and bring some fire to it!

Let the bad stuff be melted away and reveal the nice clean white wax.

I did this years ago and the few times I did it it worked a treat.
The next weekend I'm home I may do an example and take some pics.

Sorry for the bad formatting in this post, I have big thumbs and my phone has a tiny keyboard.:-)

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This is an awesome idea, Gray!!  Thanks!
I like this idea a lot thanks =)... just might have to try this myself!
Well, thank you ladies :-) *has a go at blushing*

Just another thought though, depending in the type of wax (consistency, melting point etc.) Of the different candles used Some bits of "bad" may flake off or fall off. This is still good for the magic, but bad for a varnished table or silk altar cloth. And the candles can get dribbly...

I burn all my candle magic candles on a slate roof tile (slate is good Welsh link for me and my magic). I took the slate from an old building which has an emotional link for me, and I chalk the intent of the spell on the slate.
Also, being Gay, I don't want my soft furnishings damaged by wax ;-)
That's awesome, Gray! Very cool idea. :)
Great idea Gray, I'll give it a go



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