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Though this isn't intended to be an advertisement of any sort, I would be remiss in not directing those interested in conjure to a couple of resources.

Lucky Mojo
A wonderful little shop based out of California, Lucky Mojo is the brain-child of cat yronwode, a woman who grew up in ethnic minority neighborhoods, where she first met folks who practiced conjure. As time went on, she chronicled and then practiced their techniques, and eventually became frustrated with the difficulty of finding a good source for the various materials used in hoodoo - too many of the sellers routinely bilked their customers, many of whom did not know lemon grass from straw. So, she set about growing and selling her own herbs, and then blending her own oils, powders and other curio substances according to traditional hoodoo formulae. Her website is a treasure trove of not just materials to purchase, but plentiful information as well.

Five Star Spells
A Blogtalk Radio show, Five Star Spells has an extraordinary backlog of wonderful podcast episodes featuring five wonderful conjurefolk and root doctors: Dara Anzlowar, Susan Diamond, Orion Foxwood, Sindy Todo and Rev. Mother Susan. Each week has a different topic, and these five fantastic magicians from a variety of different hoodoo backgrounds each contribute a variety of different perspectives, offering techniques and advice based on the topic and callers' questions. Not to be missed. (They also have a Facebook Page: 5 Star Spells).

Another project of Orion Foxwood and Susan Diamond, 2HooDoos is an online conjure service. Conjurefolk have long done their Work from afar for clients, corresponding by telephone, telegram and even postcard to tend to the work that needs doing, and Orion and Susan have brought this into the internet age. They offer all manner of various client services that the traditional rootworker does. (They also have a Facebook Page:

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In regard to Lucky Mojo, Cat Yronwode has an *excellent* group of write-ups on her page. She calls it "Hoodoo in Theory and Practice."

Granted they haven't all been uploaded yet (she says it's a work in progress,) but some of them are fascinating.

The below has essentially "How Hoodoo mixed with other types of magic, including European, spiritist, and kabbalistic."
I'm going to look if they do international orders, thanks Oak

Another site I would like to add to this, that's interesting from a historical (and formulatory,) standpoint:


This is a Yahoo group dedicated to the work of Harry Hyatt, who is responsible for recording a TON of Hoodoo history through his interviews etc.

Oakthorne, would you recommend cat's print book:  "Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic"?  I'm trying to find some excellent printed resources that I can use for reference and instruction.  I'm having a hard time of it, though, as there aren't many books out there that deal with the subject, and most of those that are out there aren't very good.



My lovely wife gave me the book at yule, and I can say that it's full of information... it's more of an encyclopedia, with different curios and herbs listed, with their uses etc.  I find it invaluable!






The encyclopedia format sounds great. I've already transcribed all of the "how to's" from this group (and many from other sites) into my personal Grimoire, and am looking for the 'guts' of hoodoo, namely the many different curios that skilled Conjurefolk use and why they use 'em. Sounds like Cat's book will be perfect! =^.^=



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