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O Good Mother, I come to you with tears in my eyes and a heart as heavy as steel. My whole life is full of regret for the many years that I have wasted and all of the sorrows I have undergone because of my own ignorance. All around me others have reaped the goodness that life has had to offer, while I have only had misery and sorrow. I beg of you dear Mother to help me to overcome all the years I have neglected my spiritual life. Believe me, Dear Mother that the fault was not mine alone, as I had no one to guide me, no one to advise me. Without your help, Dear Mother, I see an endless life of helpless sorrow. Humbly, I beg you Dear Mother, to life me from my knees and lead me to the path of spiritual growth and everlasting hope.



My dear child, of all the pleas that come to my ears, yours touches me most deeply, for truly it is most pitiful that a bleeding heart, yearning for help knows not which way to turn. How you must have suffered, groping in the darkness for spiritual help and understanding, knowing fear and uncertainty at its utmost.


But fear no longer, dear child, for happiness is within your grasp, but we must start from the beginning to help you build your mind, body and home to the highest possible level. And when we do these things, let us not forget the unhappy times and the people around us who still need a helping hand spiritually. For each time we help another person we advance on our own ladder of happiness.


First you will obtain a Lucky Hand, containing a Lode Stone, Black Cat Bone and the lucky roots and herbs including the Mojo Bean. This you will anoint with the Master Oil every Friday and you will carry it with you wherever you go for protection and a spiritual uplift. You will put 20 drops of the Oil #20 in your bath at least once a week or more often if needed. Once a month you will cover your whole body with the oil of Cipriano and leave it on for one half hour and then take a hot bath with your Oil #20. This is best done just before retiring. While in the hot bath, close your eyes and say the Lord's Prayer. When you have dried thoroughly, powder your chest with the Uncrossing Powder. You will have the soundest most restful sleep you have ever had.


In the morning use more Uncrossing Powder on your chest and a little of your Master Oil as a perfume, saying "Dear Lord, please help me." This puts your body in good shape. Then to get your house in good order you must clean it thoroughly, adding the Van Van Floor Wash to the scrub water. Then you must sprinkle the Divine Spray in each corner of the whole house, including cupboards. The Jinx Removing Salt you sprinkle outside your front and back door. Have an all purpose candle burning for you at all times, so that whenever you think of it you will remember to thank the Lord for all your blessings.


My dear child these things you will do to start yourself upward to spiritual heights you did not believe possible. After these things have been done you are now in a position to work on any condition that you desire. God bless you.



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How often do you know someone who laments not knowing where to start with their spiritual practices, or feel like they've gotten off-track? How often do you feel like you need to "start at ground zero again," or just focus on some very basic spiritual work for a while?


This is perfect for that, in addition to being a great starting point for those who're interested in work with conjure and hoodoo. With this, you have daily (or near-daily) practice, weekly practice and monthly practice, all excellent tools for keeping you aware of cycles, and focused on remaining both powerful and cleansed, ready to work with conjure.


Even when you're moving into less basic rootwork, these are excellent habits to get into. Think of them as spiritual hygeine - just as necessary as physical hygeine.

Thank you for posting this Oak. I think more people than you know need to hear it, with myself being one of them.



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