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Part of the old traditions of hoodoo and New Orleans voodoo lore are the supposed words of Marie Laveau, collected into a number of spells presented as the advice of the Voodoo Queen to those who came seeking her help. Whether or not these were ever actually her words, their method of presentation is charming, and the rootworking advice in them very, very sound.



My Friends, I know most of you have the desires to help and to comfort those that come before you with supplications, tears in their eyes, painful heart, with trouble that mounts from day to day, with no one to turn to but  you, but sometimes you are also burdened with your own troubles in addition to the unfortunate afflictions of others.


It is not an easy path. It is absolutely necessary that  you be in complete control of all your faculties. If you aim to help, according to the spiritual law, you must first be strong spiritually in order that you may absorb the power so essential in the process of helping others. In order to help yourself, and acquire the power to help others, follow these instructions.


On arising in the morning the first thing to do is to anoint your head with "Power Oil," light two blessed candles, white in colore and meditate for fifteen minutes. In your main room or consultation room a seven day candle should always be burning. Be sure it is blessed. Dress your home with "Peace Water" at least once a week and in your bath water pour five drops of "Master Oil." Sprinkle "Jinx Removing Salt" on the outside of your house.


Strength will be yours.



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very sound advice



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