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Here are some blogs written by rootworkers, conjurefolk and hoodoos in today's world. Good stuff.

  • Tapping the Roots: A hoodoo blog by Oakthorne, in association with his Crossroads Joe's Ministrations work.
  • That Hoodoo You Doo: A look at one young woman's journey into learning conjure, kept by one of our members, Strata.
  • Rootworker: A wonderful conjure blog kept by Charlie, one of our members.
  • Hoodoo Crossroads: A shared blog maintained by rootworkers Doctor E., Auntie Sindy, Carolina Dean, Najah L. Bagley, Brother Christopher, Dara Anzlowar and Chiron Armand. Weekly postings with innovative hoodoo workings, bits of lore and real-life experiences and advice.
  • Conjure Doctor: Docter E.'s personal blog and product site.
  • Conjure in the City: Chiron Armand's personal blog.
  • Hoodoo Roots: Dara Anzlowar's product and practice site.
  • Runeworker: Brother Christopher's blog site, where the touches on runes and hoodoo.
  • Todomojo: Auntie Sindy's practice site.
  • Dr. Corbeaux's Conjure Blog: A hoodoo blog by one Dr. Corbeaux.
  • The Rose of Jericho: A conjure blog.

If you come across other good sites for hoodoo blogs, post them in the comments, and I'll add them here!

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Although primarily a blog for personal reflection, I also intend to talk a lot about the theory and practice of rootwork at my newer blog, here: Rootworker

Thanks so much for the links, folks! I've added them here.

Thank you for sharing this page.  I am sure it will be most helpful for many of us!




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