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Now, let's be real for a minute.


All too often, we're really bad about asking for what we need. Really bad. We have these grandiose ideas of what we want to use our magic for, but at the end of the day, if you aren't tending to your own needs, how in the hell are you going to do anything else for anyone else?


So, get off your tush and figure out what you need. "Feed yourself first, baby, then you can share with the neighbors," my grandmother said, and while she wasn't talking about conjure, it applies.


As such, it's time to list what you need. Then, we'll discuss it. So, here's the project!


Post a new Discussion to the Group. Title it "[Basic Needs] YOURNAME's Needs". When I'm done here, I'll be posting "[Basic Needs] Oakthorne's Needs".


Then, when you've done so, I want you to tell us what the three most pressing needs are in your life. What needs changing? What do you need to be rid of? No saint-attitudes. Get down to the nitty-gritty.


Then, as an exercise in conjure, we'll all read through each post, do our divinations (if we do so), and post some ideas for some conjure-work that will tend to that need.


Got it? Well, hop to it!

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Yes! I'll be joining in when I get home!
Love this! *starts working on list*
Great idea Oak, I'll give it some thought
I'll need time to really think about this... then I'll be joining in. 
Well of course I'll do this, I love talking about myself. XD This is a great idea though Oaky, you've really out-done yourself.



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