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Alright! Money where my mouth is, and all that.


1. A Speedy & Full Recovery. I'm still recovering from my back surgery in January, and it's hard. If I don't do these maintenance exercises on just one day, the very next I can hardly walk. I still need my cane when I'm walking out of the house, and my gait is uneven, unbalanced and unstable. More than that, I still have pain from my back and in my legs. Now, I instigated this process with a Healing Octavo, which worked wonderfully - the thing causing me to lose use of my legs was discovered and excised on the eighth night of the Octavo. But now, I need to recover from that process, and it's being a long, hard road.


2. Work Troubles. I recently got a new boss - or rather, one of the guys who'd been an overall manager, above my direct boss, is now my direct boss. He won't be for long, in theory, as soon as they find someone to replace my old boss, but this one is leaning on my back pretty hard.


3. Money Difficulty. Frankly, the dosh around here isn't flowing like I'd like it to. :) I have several avenues where it might come from, so money magic will hopefully get things moving, but I could really, really use some mojo here. I've got debts like crazy, with no foreseeable way of managing to pay them off - we're getting our needs met, and not a whole lot extra.


So! Advise away!


I figure this can work in one of two ways - if you want to just give me advice on a working you think would be appropriate to the issue at hand, I'll certainly take it into consideration. I'll probably implement it, or a combination of suggested workings if there are multiples. I'll make a point of blogging the results.


Alternately, if you want to do the Work yourself, please know that you have my full permission! If you need photos of me, or my full name and date of birth, or something similar for personal concerns, please email me, and I'll be happy to provide.


Can't wait!

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Id love to help Oak
I will help, Oak! As I work with candles, seals, and namepapers, with your permission I'd like to add you as a friend so you can email me your name (the birthdate is not necessary, but add umph). :)
I'd love both of your help! :) Incoming Friend Request, Elise. :)

Oak.  I seem to have a knack for prosperity spells.  Would you be interested in me sending you a small spell bottle??  You can either place it at home where you pay your bills, which is where mine is, or take it to work where you *earn money.*  It will be small enough to be inconspicuous either place.  Let me know.  :)


Also, I'm sure you've considered honey potting your boss??  That's the first thing I would recommend. 

Strata: I'd love a prosperity spell bottle! That would be absolutely ideal. :D Thanks.


And yeah, I've thought about honey-potting him. I've also seriously thought about Hot Footing him and I routinely joke about Goofering him, though I don't think I ever would.

Promised the kidlet that we'd hit the Dutch market this morning, but wanted to point out that, at least in our area, Costco sells large bottles of honey (half gallon, maybe?) for about $20. Although you know you're doing way too much honeypotting when you need the Costco pack. ;)



ETA: Or, on their web site, 12 pounds for $50:

Oakthorne said:

Strata: I'd love a prosperity spell bottle! That would be absolutely ideal. :D Thanks.


And yeah, I've thought about honey-potting him. I've also seriously thought about Hot Footing him and I routinely joke about Goofering him, though I don't think I ever would.

Wow! Brilliant. Thanks, Leisha. :D I may just have to do a little purchasing along those lines.

"I don't think I ever would" lol  lovely..... I'm cautious to hot foot people in that situation because with my luck I'd get something much worse in their place.... :P 

Offering some suggestions.


Do some cleansing and unblocking work first. The best bath for blocks is ......lemon juice and coffee......salt....with a cap of vinegar...only a cap...not too much...too much and the vinegar well strip away your good and bad luck; while stating your petition/prayers to remove anything that is blocking your  finances, success, good health anything that is holding you down.  Dress yourself with an appropriate or all purpose conditioning oil from toe to heal, feet to head after the bath. 


Protection work over your money, using Saint Micheal and/or burn money drawing vigils on top of any bill that needs paid.


As far as the guy at work, put his butt under a rock to hold him down.  Rocks are very good for; holding things down..weighing things down..if you have a situation you can write it out and put a rock on top of it.


Honey jars are good, however honey can get expensive if you are doing a lot of honey jar work, ;) not too mention that honey is slow working.  So if you need something a little faster (and cheaper) try sugar water.  Karo and maple syrup is also good for this.


Hope you found some of this helpful/insightful.



A lot of the ways I've been looking at things lately are connected to leadership or business principles. Reading #1 reminds me of the idea of "going lean" (simpler, cheaper, faster, better, with the old joke being pick no more than two of those!). Think of yourself as a business. If the business is not successful (read: healthy and in good working order), the business shuts down. Take a look at the seven core principles of Lean at this site and see if there's ways to apply them to your life:

In your case, the business is your body, and the customer is you (as someone who has come in to your body for its services). Employees and teams in your body are the various systems within your body that make things happen for the body-business.


For the work troubles, if it's a short-term issue, and your resources are stretched, is it worth it to do something more than just smile at him often. One thing you can do that's good advice in general is to get a salt packet from a fast food restaurant, sit in your office chair, and then spin around sprinkling the salt around you. Instant non-interference bubble. :)


For the financial stuff, without knowing the nature of the debts (and that's personal information that I don't think you should share willy-nilly), it's hard to give specific advice. For me, when I had debts there were a few things I tried. First was a debt consolidation company to get rid of credit card debt. The one I used with awesome results is 

For things like student loans, because you have health issues, you may be eligible for a forbearance. Check out the info here:

Most important, talk to your creditors if things are a bit dicey. Although not all are the most tolerant, especially medical collections agencies, if you get the right person on the phone, they can be lifesavers. Try taking the bills that are giving you the most problem, dress them with a bit of Bend Over before you call. Then apply lots of ol' charm and see what they can do to help you out. ;)

Well, seeing as how my specialty lies in runecraft, just as with Strata, I went ahead and made you one too.


In this rune, I combined Fehu, the Rune of Wealth, with Uruz, the Rune of Strength (Rugged health and masculinity). These runes are considered counterparts of each other (Fehu is representative of domestic cattle, Uruz of the Aurochs, both considered representatives of health and strength). I bound them together and then set them into Inguz, which is, in many cases, the Rune of Sexuality, however, it is also a general Prosperity rune, and I find it works well to tie other runes together into a single, benevolent unit.


As I said to Strata, with her rune, there are many ways to implement bindrunes... I prefer to use a sheet of unbleached natural cotton muslin, and paint the rune onto it. I personally use my blood mixed with an offering of fine alcohol (a certain bottle of scotch, in my case) for the paint, but there are many things you could use. Once complete, wrap it about a piece of oak, and burn it with any other bit of ceremony you find applicable.

Gotcha! Thanks, brother.


Man, at this rate, I might just get that bad boy tattooed on me. ;)




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