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My turn to open up and let you wonderful people drown me in some Hoodoo lovin'. :P


Note: I am quite limited as far as supplies and privacy goes. Therefore, I might not be able to utilize your advice (especially if it deals with things like essential oils etc). Sorry for that. :\


1. Financial Issues.

I live with my mother and sister. Our main income comes from my mom's paycheck although I recently got a temporary job at the Bank of Greece (6 months, for students only). Our main problem is that we have a huge debt on us. We're living in rent, we have all the kinds of expenses a family has and we can barely pay everything. Even with my paycheck, we will hardly have enough to cover everything. I'm not sure what more we can do now that I have a job (even if it's for a little while). Still, it's our most pressing problem and thus ask for assistance. I did a prosperity spell bottle a couple of months ago which worked very well (it's basically how I got the job since I had been told I wouldn't be hired and suddenly voila! vacant spot). Since I am not sure what else to do, I'll leave it to you. :)



2. Procrastination.


I admit it. I am one heck of a procrastinator. Worse than that, I am the type of person that is initially full of enthusiasm about a project but after a while loses that and thus the projects stagnates/is left hanging. I am constantly trying to change that and force myself to complete things... But the progress I am making is too little and I once again find myself without enough stimulation/motivation. Thankfully, I have managed to do something at least every few days or weeks and not let it consume me for months like it did in the past. Nevertheless, HALP!


3. Health issues.


Actually, I'd say I am *healthy* right now. However, I have been feeling a little under the weather for quite some time now. As we say here, I feel disease is "crawling around me". With my new job I have been feeling much more tired, I don't sleep well or long enough (although my eating habits seem to improve) and generally, I am starting to look like a scarecrow zombie. What I need is, more or less, a boost or a push to the right direction so I can remain in good health.


Thanks in advance everyone!

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Swamped with work this morning, but I did want to address issue #2 before I forget...


My husband used to complain that he never was able to finish anything and was a huge procrastinator. A couple things have been helpful for him. One is making lists and having the fun of crossing items off. The other is to acknowledge when you achieve minor goals. So many times, we feel unproductive because we haven't completed big things, but we don't realize that we have completed a lot of little things.


Make a list of everything you plan to do in a day--and include things that you figure are just common sense items, like brushing your teeth, eating three meals a day, or going to work. Although it may not seem like a big deal to do those things, think about how many people don't accomplish that. When you accomplish things, make a big deal to yourself that you have done things. Then when you've got a good track record on accomplishing little things, add "medium-sized" things to your list and work to accomplish them. In the meanwhile, pick one big goal that you make progress on every month. When you manage to achieve that goal, celebrate in some way. Positive reinforcement will help build better long-term successes.

Thanks for the advice Leisha! :)

Alorer, for issue #1... Did you try "training" your paper money? Like here:

in the section entitled "The Success Sigil and Trained Hunting Money".


I've made a habit of training every single paper dollar I get, on Thurdsays - for expansion. The results are pretty good!

Now I know you don't have access to much supplies, but you can make your own money oil and powder with regular kitchen ingredients... Olive oil with basil and cinnamon steeped in it, and cornstarch with powdered basil and cinnamon... And, if it's illegal to write on money in Greece (it can be in some countries), try writing with a mix of equal parts baking soda and water, or lemon juice - those are "invisible inks"...

I hope that can help you! :)

No problem, Stef. If necessary, we can do the Work in question for you. As with the rest of all these, I'm going to start off with a reading, and see what advice it gives for starting work with ya.


Past: Strength. The past is one in which you were stronger, with more fortitude than you have now. Probably ties into the issue of #3, although it could tie into one of the others if things were better in the past. I get the impression that both the issue of finances and the issue of procrastination are normal traits, so it's probably the third one.


Present: Page of Pentacles, Inverse. In its inverse, the Page of Pentacles is still a messenger, but its message is one of bad news. I'm fairly certain this is to do with the weird health issues you've noted. Please do me a favor and go see a doctor; the symptoms you're noticing may very well be the signs of something bigger - they're the "message" about what's not seen.


Future: Nine of Wands. The Nine of Wands is about discretion, and denotes a certain guardedness and wariness. Whatever it is that is ailing you, it's going to require you to be cautious and aware for the future. It could be the kind of cautiousness that someone with a chronic condition has to live with, the cautiousness of simply making sure it doesn't happen again, or even the simple "Whew, that was close, I'll make sure to be more careful and aware."


Right now, I don't get the impression that this is serious, whatever it is. But do go and get checked out. I suspect it's simply fatigue, due to the presence of the Strength card, which may simply mean being tended to by making sure to get more sleep, even if that means less leisure time spent with hobbies or the internet. But, while I work on some sort of invigorating Work, please go and get checked out. Just to make sure.

Elise: Thanks for the link and suggestions! I'll surely use them. :)


Oak: Your reading is very spot on and your advice duly noted. :) I have a few ideas as to what may be causing this and I have planned to visit certain doctors once the paycheck comes. Don't you worry! :D

Cool. Good to know. Do get back to me when you've got some sort of idea what you're dealing with, okay? We can move forward from there with very specific healing.


In the meantime, get extra rest, and do a cleansing spiritual bath. Just mix a spoonful or two of vinegar into about a handful of salt, and then mix this into a big bowl of water. Go into the bath, and put the bowl at your feet. With a cup, scoop out some water and pour it over you from head down, and say a prayer for cleansing and purification from illness. Allow the water to pour down into the bowl.


When you've done this three, five or nine times, "wipe off" the water by crossing your arms over your body, and then wiping down your body, uncrossing your arms as you do so. With each uncrossing, you say something like "I am cleansed of all illness! Only good health and strength remains behind!" Do this once for each time you poured the water over your body.


Then, get out of the tub and allow yourself to air dry; don't towel off. When you're dry and dressed in clean clothes, take the bowl of water outside and throw it to the West. Then, turn around and walk away without looking back.


Spiritual baths should be done before dawn.

Hey, you. You all good with this? Do you consider it resolved, or at least dealt with for the moment? Do you need more to the process? Let me know.

Hey Oaky. Sorry for not replying to you on this earlier but I wanted to allow things to run their course and be certain. :)


So, things are good! No more of that annoying weakness (only the sleepiness at work but it's boring and I'm not a morning type so it's normal) and I do in fact feel cleaner (spiritually/mentally) and healthier than before. :) As far as prosperity is concerned, we got a sudden and unexpected bonus of money so that is dealt with - for now. Finally, my procrastination is slowly, but surely, losing its influence. :)


Thanks so so so much! :D

Oakthorne said:

Hey, you. You all good with this? Do you consider it resolved, or at least dealt with for the moment? Do you need more to the process? Let me know.



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