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What this thread will mostly be about is some of the more popular spreads or layouts people use when using their Tarot Cards.  Now me personally I always used The Faerie Ring and 7 Card Faerie Oracle spread when I used my Faerie Tarot cards, but now I have Oracle cards and I just use a 3 or 7 card spread which is what I use most when asking a question, now the 3 card spread can also be used for past, present, future readings.  So, I thought why not show some of the other spreads that are out there, the possibilites are endless with this as well.


Faerie Ring



8            5

4                         2

7            6



Well first off wow, I can't believe I got that to work LMAO!  Anyways if you use this layout make sure you shuffle the deck and charge it with your energy, when your reading start with 1 interpret the card and move to the others.  After you're finished look at the overall picture the cards are trying to tell you.  So here's what each card represents:

1. Your current life phase
2. What is behind you
3. What is before you
4. Weaknesses to be overcome
5. Strengths that need to be developed
6. Obstacles that lie in your way
7. What will help you
8. The final outcome phase


Faerie Oracle


1 2 3 4 5 6 7

This one is a simple 7-card spread that can be used for simple questions with an out come of "yes", "no", "probably yes" and "probably no"  reason for using 7 cards is because of it being an odd number, the more cards upright the more likely its a yes, if they are all upright it's a definite yes same goes for reversed, the more that are inverted it's probably a no, if all are inverted, the cards are screaming hell  There's also another way to interpret the cards with this spread and this is what each card represents:

1. Represents questioner in present circumstances. Some aspect of the card will reveal the truth of the situation.
2. This card discloses the nature of the questioner's most pressing query.
3. Influences that may help the questioner.
4. Influences that may hinder the questioner's desires.
5. Course of action that is best to follow.
6. Root of the problem, which may lie in the distant past.
7. Outcome of the situation in the near future.


3 Card Spread


1 2 3

This spread is mostly used for once again a simple question for a yes or no answer, but it's also used a lot for past, present, future readings.


Yearly Spread (12 cards)



12           2

11                         3

    10                               4

              9                              5

                    8                   6


This spread obviously is used for a look at the entire year, each number represents the month it corresponds to.  Interperet each card as is for the whole month, and when finished look at all the cards and what surrounds them.  When you do this you can look at what is to come for the upcoming year.  I usually do this spread around December 30th-31st and log it in my divination journal and see what does come about from the reading from last year about this current year so far has been rather accruate, which is kinda creepy, but really cool...and yes, I did update my journal.


The last spread I'm going to mention is the Celtic Cross or Classic Tarot Card layout.  Out of all the Tarot readings I've had done by friends of mine, this is the one that they use the most.  I will post a picture as trying to do it on here will be quiet difficult seeing as two cards overlap each other, sometimes those who do the reading put the significator card under the first two, but I've seen people have the readee hold the card or keep it close to them until needed.  So here's the layout.

Celtic Cross Spread

  1. The issue.
  2. Helping or hindering factors.
  3. Foundation of the matter.
  4. Past event or influence that affected the question.
  5. Possible future influences.
  6. Events which will clarify or resolve the matter.
  7. Questioner's attitude.
  8. Opinion of friends and family.
  9. Hopes or fears.
  10. Final outcome.


If anyone has any other spreads they want to add feel free to do so, these are just some that I use the most in my workings with Tarot Cards. Have fun, and remember practice makes perfect and also, don't forget to look at the overall picture of what the cards are trying to tell you.


Brightest Blessings



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I like pulling one card at the beginning of each day. It helps me to focus on a goal or shorter path. For me, its helpful because I have always been known to plan to far ahead and this keeps me grounded in the here and now. Its also a great technique for beginners to learn their cards and themselves.

Exactly!  That's what I tell everyone who is lookin' into learnin' Tarot.  First, find the deck that calls to you, second meditate or just carry one card with you for a day, the next day move on to the next you do this you become acquainted with your cards and you understand what they're trying to say.


As to your other post on the other thread, shame on them for telling you you're wrong...every one does readings differently, like I said in this thread, Bob never put the significant card under 1 and 2, he had me hold on to it and when he wanted it he asked me to flip it over.


Anyways, Keep on goin' girl!  Before y'know it you can do readings for yourself

thanks Jen.



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