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Just joined this group and am looking forward to learning from y'all. What I am seriously interested in is healing with crystals and aligning and cleansing the chakras. Does anyone think they can help me? Besides that, I just love to talk about stones and crystals! I'm amassing, what I think, is quite a collection of stones and crystals of my own and would love to learn more about them, like personal experiences. Anyway, sorry to ramble, just thought I'd say Hi!

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Hi Sephira, welcome!

I'm new to learning about the chakras, but what sort of healing were you thinking of?

Specifically, healing with crystals. Have you ever done it before?
Yes, I have :) They've played a huge part in healing my emotional problems(AvPD).
That's great! How did you get them to work? Did you use a particular method?



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