Okay, so I had actually had this as a blog rough draft for quite some time now... so, here it is.  My apologies in that it had not been posted sooner.  This is the format in which I had used, which is partly instructional should you wish to do something similar.





The Methods


1. Creation of the Sigil. As mentioned in the companion thread, I'll be constructing a sigil from the Rosy Cross method. This is a digital representation of the name of the elemental being created and it's sigil. Generally speaking, one should not give out the name/sigils of their personal spirits, unless it is to propagate their presence beyond your domain. A Magician who dislikes you could *easily* destroy your young servitor by using its sigil. "Be Silent."


Above is the Hebrew and it's English Transliteration of the Rosy Cross. Constructing a sigil from the icon is as simple as beginning with a circle on the first letter, tracing it to the next, then the one to follow, terminating the last letter of the spirit's name by crossing the end of the line. For example, let's say I was going to call it Ralph:




Moving on from this simple demonstration to the rest of the ritual. Remember, with this method you will need TWO COPIES of the sigil, and those copies must be exactly identical!



2. Prepare your altar. Have your the physical host, from which your elemental will be "installed", your candle and your sigils placed upon it.



Timing for ritual? It's up to you. If you decide to construct a sigil from the planetary kamea, you may wish to do all of this within that particular planetary hour. You'll likely wish to invoke that planetary power, too, in your ritual.


3. Banishing rituals. I would recommend, minimally, the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. You may wish to include the Lesser Hexagram formulae, too, to effectively banish and consecrate the temple space.



4. Invoking rituals. The Invoking variant of the Lesser Pentagram formulae alligns and invokes the Higher Self. I'll be doing this and Liber Samekh, to firmly establish the Authority of my Higher Self over the rest of the ritual.


5. Use a passive tool that is emblematic of your Will; the Wand or the Cup, notably, may work better than the athame or the Sword. The Disk, also, may make do. If you have nothing else, your dominant hand will work just fine. Point the tool at the sigils and begin to direct life-energy into it, through the medium of your Higher Self. Focus exclusively on the task. Give your elemental form and figure, if you will; it may look just like the host into which it resides, or it may be abstract. You are now binding that thought-form into that sigil. That sigil then, and any reproductions, will be your gateway to that particular entity. It's a geometric form of its very existence.



6. Now, affix one of the sigils to the bottom of the host. I recommend making it removable, so a pin, tape or a bit of glue works well. It seems a bit tacky, but if you ever want to reverse the process, or move it to another host, it's easier if you can just detach the sigil from it. It will have weight on it from the statue/doll/etc anyway, so it shouldn't detach easily.



7. Now, let's bring the creature to life in the host. Using my nutcracker, I can access all of its relevant anatomy through the method that I am using, developed from Sefer Yetzirah. Using to the letter-anatomical association chart below, touch and direct energy into the locations while vibrating the hebrew letter. We're emulating the process of creation according to the Book of Creation. For citation purposes, I am using Kaplan's translation.


ALEPH: Chest

MEM: Abdomen
SHIN: Top of Head


BET: Right Eye PEH: Right Nostril

GIMEL: Left Eye RESH: Left Nostril

DALET: Right Ear TAU: Mouth

KAF: Left Ear


HEH: Right Hand LAMED: Liver

VAU: Left Hand NUN: Spleen

ZAYIN: Right Foot SAMEKH: Bladder

ChET: Left Foot AYIN: Intestines

TET: Right Kidney TZADDI: Stomach

YOD: Left Kidney QOPH: Throat


8. Now, upon directing more life-energy into your servitor, hold it up, breath upon it, call its name and give it purpose. Make sure you define it very clearly. You may wish to speak something like:



"I welcome you, spirit name , and, as your Creator, hereby give you this specific task: That you should protect and defend this home and its inhabitants, from any assault directed as me/us from any source, visible or invisible, and that you shall always be alert in doing so. At no point may you perform any other task aside from this one, and when called to assist, that you should come without hesitation. As this is your job assigned from your birth, so shall it always be."



I then "sealed" it with the invoking pentagrams of active and passive spirit above my elemental.


9. Light your candle. Place the duplicate sigil beneath it. The energy from the flame will feed the elemental. Other ways of "feeding" the spirit, through the sigil, may be devised and is left to the discretion of the Magician. It may be helpful to have this candle consecrated, too, for the specific purpose of giving life. In either case, do not use the candle for any other reason. Allow the energy to feed your servitor for minimally an hour-- all the better if you let the whole candle burn through and replace with a new one.



10. Place your spirit on a high shelf or other fixture whereupon it may stand without risk of being knocked over by accident. Because of the proximity of the kitchen to my front door, mine is sitting on top of the refridgerator and facing the door. Since it's still near enough to where I perform my practices and facing the likely entry point of which an intruder would enter, it's quite perfect.



You should make a committment of occasionally "feeding" your spirit through energy exchange. Any energy directed should be through the sigil or, through the spirit's host directly. This keeps your elemental strong and capable of standing to the task in which it was created. Forgetting about it early on may mean it's fading out and return to your consciousness. Later, it's possible that it could be frustrated and do things to try to get your attention.


If you find that it has been knocked down without reasonable explanation, it is possible that it has taken a "hit" for you from some direction. You'd naturally wish to divine (or whatever) to decide from whom or what it came, but you'd also wish to recharge your spirit immediately, too.

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This is great information Sangraal! I am going to create a servitor for protection from the physical and non-physical. I was going to offer my servitor some of my own blood to recharge and strengthen it.

Is this wise? I feel that it is alright but who am I.

I am also going to place the Elementals within my servitor. So therefore whatever direction an attack may come from I am protected.

Love to hear your response.

Since the servitor is ultimately an extension of your Will, I would personally see no objection to the use of blood. In fact, I am aware of a couple that has created one as a "fetch" between the two and charged the sigil through sexual fluids. Likewise, I would apply blood to the sigil as you're bringing it to life, using whatever method you employ.

All amazing info, Sang. Once I'm versed in the invoking rituals, I'll definitely give this one a go. I do have some questions, however: what if you move? Do you do a banishing in the previous area and then re-do the ritual for the new? What if something happens to the object itself? What if it's broken? Should it still be used? If not, how should it be disposed of? It seems that you are giving the object itself life, but the name is also affixed so that *together*, it's the guardian. Does that mean that the sigil can then be used on another object? Thanks for the answers, Sang. You're awesome!


Oh, and MM, if you're doing the LIRP, aren't you already calling the elements? Just a thought to make it easier on you :)



If one is moving, one can simply take it along with oneself. Once established in the new residence, one can simply call upon the spirit and direct it's purpose to be present in the new surroundings.

Think of the object as the body or residence, and the sigil as the life-force, the soul, if you will. You can move the sigil to another body if something becomes of the original host. You would then only need to repeat the ceremony from the section after consecrating the sigil. That's why I recommend making the sigil detachable from the host. Of course, for an object not likely to become physically compromised, you may feel free to engrave it into the object. You should always have a second form of the sigil for energy transfer and I highly recommend transferring it to something less transient than paper. For my last one, it was burned onto a wood disc.

The ritual above is a series of steps I recommend, but not necessarily in the likeness given. For example, one may wish to omit the portion related to Sefer Yetzirah. I used it because it has been a fond study of mine and, according to the old kabbalists, it was the text used to create the infamous Golem of Jewish lore. I will later include a ritual that I wrote from my studies of the book.

At the minimum, I recommend the creation of a sigil, initial banishing rituals, an invoking ritual (at least LIRP) to establish your dominion in the proceedings, a charge of the sigil, consecration of the physical host and the charge to the spirit. Beyond all of that, make sure all personal touches are directly relevant to the operation. It's not a difficult ritual, but it's not a basic one, either.

As always, thank you. You answered my other question about the Golem (without my even asking it) so glad you mentioned that.


It sounds like a very sensible working, to me.



Gosh, I'm glad you like my questions...I have another. Could you create a protective talisman using the same methodology? In September, I'm going to be seeing a crazy huge concert in a big city that I've never traveled to before, and would like to have some protective stuff on my person. I know about other methodology for making such a piece. I'm just wondering the other functions this might have. As always, thanks for the info.
Can this method be used to imbue a guardian or servitor entity into something other than a humanoid figurine?
Definitely, Beorc. I am uncertain if I mentioned it before, but the first one I ever made used a cat statue as a host.

Hmm... mayhap I didn't say it right.


Does the figurine or object or whatever HAVE to be of a creature? Can one empower, say... a chest?


(see what I did there?)


Or, say, a specialized symbol designed for the purpose, or a plaque, or SOMETHING other than the representation of an actual CREATURE?



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