I know, I know.  Another money spell?  Yup.  Money's tight right now, so I thought that I'd share this one with everyone.


Supplies needed:

A Green Candle: money is green, and green is an Earth color, so this holds a double association.  I also like to carve money symbols into the candle wax.

The 10 of Pentacles Tarot Card - I prefer to have some sort of image to focus on while casting.  I generally use Tarot cards; they're like a Mandela for my subconscious.  This particular card represents wealth coming to the querent and the banishment of monetary worries.  The suit of Pentacles is also attributed to the element of Earth.

Incense - I always burn incense.  Many eastern cultures believe it helps to carry prayers to the Gods.  It also gets me into a witchy state of mind.

Parchment Paper - I am a firm believer in petition magic.  I would write my name on the paper in green ink, and then write out my petition; something along the lines of "I, Rachel Karfit, am in need of funds to pay my utilities for this month of May.  Let the money find its way to me, let me find my way to it.  Gracious Goddess Aradia, please guide my actions and words so I may find and acquire what I need!"  Not exactly the most poetic and graceful of petitions, but it covers what needs coverin'.  What I need, why I need it, and my plea to my Goddess for a nudge in the right direction!

Dressing Oil - Probably an Attraction type oil, or Black Cat Oil, to improve my luck with money!  I anoint 'drawing' candles from the base to the tip in a deosil motion.  Place the oil in the palm of your left hand, grasp the candle and twist it.  Yes, this method is kind of Hoodoo-ish, but the system makes sense to me and therefore works.  If you are performing this spell during a waning moon phase (because sometimes we can't wait for the moon to wax again) then anoint the candle from the tip to the base in a widdershins (counterclockwise) motion.

Money Drawing Herbs - roll the dressed candle around in them.  Ex: Skullcap, Patchouli, Pine, Cinnamon, Five-Finger Grass. This is known as "double-dressing".

*Note: If you don't have any specialty dressing oils (and not everyone does!) then use olive oil, mineral oil, or even a bit of cooking shortening; anything that would help those herbs to stick to the candle.  If you don't have either the oils or the herbs, that's okay too.  When I was just starting out I didn't have jack squat in my "Witch's Cupboard", but I really went to town and decorated the candle by carving, using glitter, e.t.c.  Get creative and put as much energy and enthusiasm into this as you can!

*Note: if you don't feel like you need incense or a Tarot card to help you get in the right state of mind, then feel free to disregard notes about using them.  If any of this doesn't work for you, then you have my blessings to chop this spell up and take what you need to get the job done!  Also, if you're performing this during a waning moon, then focus on banishing poverty and getting rid of any blockages that might be preventing you from attaining money and prosperity.

Once you have all of the supplies gathered and fixed, make sure to ground and center yourself to clear out those pesky mental distractions.  Holding that feeling of stability and surety firmly, charge the incense to carry your words and wishes wherever they need to go and light it.  Next, take the bit of parchment, hold it aloft and speak your petition out loud before placing the paper beneath the candle holder. 

Meditation upon an image and result while rocking back and forth helps me to build the energy I need, so I would take my lighter and candle in hand and focus on the Tarot card, on seeing myself as the blessed person it depicts, and visualizing writing out that check to get my bills paid.  When I felt as if I had enough 'oomph!' to get the job done, I would 'push' all that energy, will and intention into the candle as I lit it and set it back in its holder.   If this isn't a method that works for you, feel free to do whatever you need to do in order to raise energy.  Many people chant, some compose a rhyming charm that they repeat until they raise enough energy.  Whatever works and feels comfortable to you, do it.

Afterwards, I might sit in meditation as the candle burned down (I use chime candles, so they only take about half an hour.  A good amount of time for a meditation session in which to release anxiety and attachment to the concern I've just addressed.) before releasing any pent up energy and saying a prayer of thanks and affirmation.  The remaining wax and paper should be set aside and kept until you see results.  I have a little chest that I keep next to my altar for just this purpose.

When the spell comes to fruition, burn the paper and say an affirmation of thanksgiving and bury the ashes and wax outside.

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I'm planning on doing a prosperity/abundance spell for June 1st new moon. Thanks for adding this.

Cool spell work - thanks for sharing!

MoonCrone xx

This is very informative. Thank you



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