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Candle Magick Basics and Practice


Candle Magick Basics and Practice

A group that highlights candle magick. What it is,how to pratice it,and what to do and not do in this simple yet powerful form of magick.

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Starting Out.

Now i understand that starting out in candle magick can be intimidating, what with all the candle colors,types of candles,herbal and astrologial associations,and purposes of said spell components. So how do you get past all the hoopla? Thats what this site is for! To help you figure out what you need to know to be knowlegable,pratice,and work candle magick,the proper way.


A huge thank you to SpiritMaiden for being co-operative with me on this project,as we both figured that a group tailored to candle magick would be usefull to many here at RealPagan,so sit back,relax,share info,and have a blast practicng this very powerful and very old witches art.


Discussion Forum

New Here

Started by Sephira yesterday. 0 Replies

Obviously, I'm new here so I'm just saying hello to everybody!Candle spells are my favorite spells to perform overall and I always look forward to performing them when it's time to do a spell. I…Continue

Rachel Ann (EisHexe)

A Candle and Herbal Spell for Prosperity

Started by Rachel Ann (EisHexe). Last reply by dakini May 28. 1 Reply

I know, I know.  Another money spell?  Yup.  Money's tight right now, so I thought that I'd share this one with everyone. Supplies needed:A Green Candle: money is green, and green is an Earth color,…Continue

Rachel Ann (EisHexe)

Candle Magic Recommended Reading List

Started by Rachel Ann (EisHexe) May 27. 0 Replies

I thought it would be interesting and informative if we had a thread about good candle burning/magic books that everyone has found useful.  I have a few good ones to recommend, and I was hoping that…Continue

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Simple candle spell to banish negativity

Started by SpiritMaiden Jan 3. 0 Replies

Hello everyone, This is a very simple banishing spell used for negativity. Ingredients: Large white candle, I usually use a pillar style4 black candles, any size will do as long as they are smaller…Continue

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Mosby (Witchlet) Comment by Mosby (Witchlet) on March 19, 2011 at 3:08am
I had a question about ceromancy??? I was trying to find a way to read the candle flame and came across this practice. I was wonder how legit it is??? Is there a way to read the way the flame is acting when a candle is burning on your altar or even during a spell...sorry if that is a super obvious question but I don't want to take anything for granted
SpiritMaiden Comment by SpiritMaiden on December 21, 2010 at 8:55am

As many of you may know, the popular Saint candles have many different meanings.  Catholics use these candles to pray to the saints and pleasd for petitions, but many of these candles have significance in other religions.  In my culture we use these candles for spellwork, brujeria. There may be a small amount of Catholisism involved, but mainly these candles represent the Gods and Godesses of ancient Afro-Carribean religions like Santeria, Palo, Obeah...etc.  Here is a basic chart describing some of the more popular Saint Candles that can be burned for your own personal goals.  Very, very powerful stuff, this kind of magick is the basis of my magical work. Of course, the act of lighting the candle and speaking your prayer/chanting is powerful in of itself, but there are some rituals associated with this type of magic...but of course that is to be discussed in Advanced Candle Magic.  Bendiciones. 


Saint Alex/San Alejo:  This candle is used when you wish to keep someone away from you.  "Alejo" means "push away, keep away" in Spanish, so this is very powerful against enemies.  Many people light this candle and keep it on an altar near the front door to prevent enemies from walking in.


Saint Anthony/San Antonio: Used to return lost items/lost love.  I burn this candle whenever I lose an important item, and a simple chat goes as follows: "Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please come down.  There is something lost and it must be found." This candle is associated with Ellegua.


Saint Barbara: This is a very powerful candle that increases faith and protects from evil.  Associated with Chango, one of the main Gods of Santeria, this candle is to be  lit with humble faith and pure intentions.


La Virgen de la Regla:  Associated with Yemalla, the Goddess of the Ocean and the Mother of the World. These candles should be burned only by women, La Vorgen protects us from diseases to our reproductive systems, and also when we are pregnant.  Any type of Motherly requests can be petitioned to Her.


Saint Micheal/San Miguel: This candle is burned when support/courage is needed for spiritual battles, or when you are asking for help to overcome circumstances.


Caridad del Cobre: Associated with Oshun, the Goddess of Love, femininity, and fresh water, this candle is used for Love requests and prayers. 


Hope this post is useful to some of you.  :D



Satori Comment by Satori on December 18, 2010 at 8:02pm

Thank you very much for this group, interesting subject :]

Artemis(Wolfy) Comment by Artemis(Wolfy) on December 15, 2010 at 10:46am

Any info on Candle Magick at this point would be appreciated,I only know what i know from experience,but i alsounderstand that there's more to candle magickthen meets the eye.


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