Yes, I've realize that many people are sick of this subject. As for me i would like some clarification. From what I've read on this site, WT, and some books which I can't recall, sorry, is it possible for those who actually believed that the 'burning times' happend are confusing it with the inquesitions. I know that there was mass hesteria back then about witches, and many were tried and released, and a few whatever number were killed. The whole 6 million... or whatever that huge number is doesn't really seem to make sense. I'm wondering if i'm correct on this subject, if not please enlighten me. Thanks.

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Check out Sang's post here. I think it'll tell you exactly what you want to know.

I think I accedently heaped choking, drowing, stoning, etc. into the burning times, not virtually thinking burning at the stake type of thing. Thank you your link was quite helpful.

You might like to look at my blog post at for some clarification.  And there are links there to some good solid information available on the internet about the fallicies concerning the Burning Times.





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