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I'm throwing this out there to the wind, although I reckon most people will probably have the same results that I've had. ;)


Does anyone know of any sites that offer Pagan themed stained glass patterns? I've pretty much exhausted myself looking. I've found many, many celtic knot designs, which are beautiful, but I don't want to limit myself to that. I'd specifically like patterns depicting nature scenes, Gods, symbols, etc.


I'd try to draw my own patterns freehand, but I suck. ;) And I have more patterns of flowers, kitties, angels, fish, etc. than I know what to do with anymore. 


Thanks for any input~



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you can use any picture you like...

Hey! Why don't you try looking at Stockphoto or other Vector sharing sites. I think you have to buy them, but they aren't expensive and it'd be worth it! Also check out iStock and Flicker - you might be able to make a pattern from a photograph (helloooo tracing!) A good friend of mine also used my Tarot cards. She simply traced the ones she liked and went for it (they're GORGEOUS)


Hope you find something lovely! :D


Oh! Check your local library for halloween/ new age books - might have some good traceable/ useable illustrations in there?



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