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As most of you guys here know I don't follow the Egyptian path, but I think my sister may be going down this one.  I had a dream the other night and Anubis came to me, asking me why my sister doesn't sense his presence or even notice he's around her.  I, honestly, think it's because of all her mental/behavioral issues, but it also could be she's like me and we don't do *subtle*.


So when I went to visit my parents I told my mom how I felt I was truly getting close to finding my Matron and Patron deities, my sister looked at me and goes "How will I know who mine are?".  What the heck do you say?  The only thing that came to my head was "You just *know*" and then I slightly hinted at Anubis being her Patron.  She disappeared off to who knows where and when I got home I had a text from her and she said "you're right..." Me, being the blonde that I am was like huh!? She just flat out said "He's the one...I just know."


Anyways, to make a long story short, I'm kinda going down a one way street I know very little if nothing at all about.  So any recommendations would be wonderful, and hope you don't mind me passing them on to my sister.  I'd invite her to the site, but I don't think she's *quite* ready for it just yet.  Books would be great too, she loves to read!


Thanks in advance and Bendithion,


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Hello Jen


I am going to paste my reply to your email here.


"I apologise for not being on the group recently. My life is in a bit of chaos at the moment and varsity has started again so I've been really busy. 

I would say that you are headed in the right direction. Another few books that I would recommend would be "The Anubis oracle" and the companion book Shamanic mysteries of Ancient Egypt" by Nicki Scully and Linda star Wolf. The Anubis oracle is a great way for getting to know the Egyptian pantheon on a more intuitive level.

The Sacred Magic of ancient Egypt by Rosemary Clark, is a fantastic book that shares rituals and daily devotionals. there are some practical rituals for Anubis in them.

The best way to get close to Anubis is the simplest. He really is a very understanding and very lovable god, he does sometimes whack one over the head with his staff so to speak, kind of like Rafiki in the Lion King. 

Every morning is a great time to do this but if she has free time at other times of the day she can choose which time she does this.Anubis does not mind.

I find a mug of coffee or tea or even just a warm glass of milk can be appropriate. make this with as much ceremony as you can (this simply means be mindful of the way in which you make the brew- think of Japanese tea ceremonies- simple but mindful, make every gesture meaningful and with purpose; the pouring, the stirring; the placing)

She should have some representation of Anubis as this is the common way in which Egyptian gods are spoken to. The god comes to reside in the statue, if she does not have a statue a simple picture from the internet will do, we really don't need to break our budgets to be witches.

Then with a simple prayer, whether rhyme or not she can communicate with Anubis, she may feel more comfortable later with simply just talking to Anubis. She can light a candle and burn some Myrrh incense( Myrrh was often used in Egypt and was quite often used in funereal rites).

Offer Anubis the beverage and continue talking or praying. 

Then there is the reversion of offerings- an important part of Egyptian ceremony was that whatever was on offer to the gods should be used or consumed by the temple attendants. She can drink the brew mindfully, with each sip be fully aware of the taste, smell, heat or coolness, the satisfaction that it brings to the body and mind.

When this small ceremony is complete then she put out the candle and thank Anubis for his presence.

this is kind of a Neo-Wiccan/Egyptian take on a daily devotional. It is an excellent way to get to know the gods in general as well. 

If she can get the Anubis Oracle the ritual can be done getting to know all the gods as well as Anubis, through the cards.

This ritual can be done anywhere at any time of the day- I do it most often in the morning before leaving for class. 

There are also many things that can be offered to Anubis which is outlined in my Offerings to the Netjer discussion.

I will further make a thread about recommended books where others can post as well (I at the moment do not have a lot of books myself as I spent a lot of money on art books for varsity, so any one elses suggestions are welcome)



Hey Jen. I finished the book about the egyptian mythology and ledgens and I have a place ready for the statue of Anubis, but for now I'm going to go and find a good picture of him so that I can start praying to Anubis and ask him some questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to. Nightshade said that I need red and black candles, but I'm not really sure about what kind of Incenses I need to go along with everything else.

It's amazing how they choose us.  Anubis chose me by filling me with obsession (pretty much, in the middle of cramming for finals the very next day, on a completely unrelated subject, I was just literally STRUCK, and I couldn't help it, it was like I was a zombie, I just devoured every piece of information on Him the entire night!  Not a wink of sleep, but I still passed my final though :-D).  I even got away from Him for years, and I thought that I screwed up and let the connection die, but one day recently, after I gave Him a quick thought, the unmistakable STRONG smell of a dog (or other canine ;-) ) filled my nostrils (like, as if I stuck my face in fur), but we don't have a dog, and our entire building has a no pets allowed policy, and even stranger, my husband could smell it too.....Now, I'm awaiting my new statue to start back on my path with Him :-)  



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