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This is a personal ritual which I altered just slightly


  • Incense ingredients (see Anubis Incense Discussion)
  • Red and Black candles (Candle of life and death for the outer edges of altar so when they are lit you are standing in front of and in between the candles and are therefore in a transitory space)
  • Gold or black significator candle
  • mortar and pestle

Casting a Circle is unnecessary but if you feel more comfortable with that, that is alright.


Light the candles of life and death.

Light the significator candle.


Say a prayer to Anubis (either self written or like the one given on the front page of the group).


State why you have decided to hold this ritual.


Sit down with the ingredients and crush the herbs I use this little ditty:


"I crush these herbs

I crush them well

To create this sacred herbal spell

I mix the magic

thought to form

As I crush the spell is borne" 


The "Spell" would be the intention with which you infuse the incense. Make sure that you are concentrating on your intention for the incense. You can also chant the purpose of the incense while visualizing the energy entering into the mixture.


When the mixture is prepared, hold the mortar and pestle to a representation of Anpu (statue or picture) and place it down.


Take athame and touch it to incense while saying:

"This is blessed by Anubis,

This is blessed by the fire in my heart, the water in my veins, the air in my lungs, and the earth of my bones"


Thank Anubis for his presence and snuff the candles of life and death.


The incense is now ready to use for whatever ritual functions you charged it to serve.


This is a very simple ritual that is clearly not kemetic in nature, but it works well :)


Brightest Blessings


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