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I am a lover of books. My favorite books are old, possible outdated books that you can trace the origin of your own "mind" back to. New books are only sometimes more valid, and more accurate than the old.


Technology has come along that can let me gaze upon the pages of some of the oldest and rarest books in print, while looking at them over a thousand or so pixels. It is ironic in some ways that we have had to move so far away from the past for me to be able to access it this much. Although nothing can take away the joy of flipping through the pages of a well worn book, the fact that I can "touch" books from around the world through the internet is why I am in love with E-Books.


That and, many great treasures can be found- for FREE!!!! (I love when information is open to those willing to learn)


Which brings me to my point, I found a great free e-book. It is a scan of Your will power, also called "The mystic will" by Charles Godfrey Leland. When I find these kinds of things I am giddy with excitement. I have read a little bit in to the book and so far it is very interesting, and a lot of what Leland says about society "back then" is strikingly similar to what I feel about today- so assuming this is so, I think this book will truly prove to maintain its value.

I really hope some of you take advantage of reading this book, and I want to hear what you think after you get a ways through it. Is it useful? Do you think it fulfills its purpose (strengthening your Will)? It it too outdated? What do you think? I would also love to hear about any similar books you have read in comparison or to recommend!


You can get this ebook FOR FREE here: Your will power, also called "The mystic will"


Good Luck and Happy Reading!



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