Was shocked to see this when I logge don to facebook just now. Children are being accused of being witches in Congo and Britich police are says it could be a threat to british children as immigrants move to uk. It's no longer women but children. Will the 'trials' ever end???



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I read that in the Sun, the parents said they'd FORGIVE the sister and her partner but wouldn't forget (which is basially the same as not forgiving)  Absolutely ridiculous :( Poor Kristy..

I don't think I could forgive anyone for something like this. End of the day the damage is done and in many cases it's irripairable.

I am just in awe. Perhaps it is the culture in which I was raised, but I am just appalled by fratricide or an attempt there of. This is one the worst articles I have read recently. I agree with you Chris Barnes, I don't think I could ever forgive somebody's indiscretions towards my siblings, my children, or any other member of my kindred. I could certainly never forget about it.

Well, I personally see it as a matter of cultural misunderstanding. It is not surprising that white people would take their concepts of morality, faith, and social standards to discriminate even further against a culture's concepts of morality, faith, and social standards. Unless those individuals live in the Congo and study the concepts of that way of life, they will never understand nor should they be expected to.

I can agree with you, Crimson Crown, on the fact that I have impressed my moralities on to an unfamiliar culture. For this I apologize. After seeing you post, I researched the ways of life in this part of the world. It made me realize my naivety, and my ignorance. However, putting myself in a position where one of my kindred is beaten nearly to death...I just can't shake the feeling of sheer terror.


I understand that there are different cultures in different parts of the world. Hell, there are different cultures within the one same country or in my case household. My flatmate is from a different city than me, so naturally there are some obvious differences in our lifestyles. e.g. I'm a  gay pagan and he (my flatmate) is straight and non-religious, but we still find it easy to get along and live together because there are other things that we have in common. Such as music, television programs, video/computer games that we both like. These are things that we have in common, but at the same time make us unique as humans. I personally think that if more people take this into account then there will/may be more people who are happy in there minds, hearts and in life as a whole. That's what I'd like for all people. While I understand that if it's possible then we're a very long way from getting there, but I'm not giving up on speaking my thoughts because I know that for everyone who stands and speaks there is another will stand with them.I'm not trying to get people to conform. Beings gay and pagan, I can safely say I know how it feels to have someone want you to conform to their view on a matter. All I'm trying to do is encourage people to think about these things.

I realise I've waffled for a while so rant over.

Brightest blessings.

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