Hello All!

I have been struggling with defining my path for a while. I have discovered Wicca and Witchcraft first and learned to make the distinction between the two of them. then a few years back, I started seeing signs (I rely a lot on signs I see crossing my path) leading me to read and learn about Norse mythology. I was completely hooked. At school I had only learned about Roman and Greek pantheons in history class but there was never any mention of a Norse pantheon. And now I find myself at a cross roads: up until now, my patron Goddess has always been Hekate. I have never managed to find a God I was attracted to, which bothered me slightly and then when I discovered an interest in Norse mythology, I decided to pick Freyr and Freya as my God and Goddess. My problem is that I don't feel close and I don't feel the need to be close to a particular Norse deity. I'm happy honouring each and everyone. I am still, however, very attracted to Hekate and I have the feeling that this creates some confusion and a general conflict of interest between the two paths.

If anyone has got some insight on the subject or advice, I would be very grateful! I don't feel like my practice is really 'efficient' being attracted to 2 different paths...

Thank you for reading!

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You would be more than likely defined as Eclectic Wiccan, as am I. If you don't feel the need to be attached, then don't be. Poseidon is my primary deity, I have a special connection to him, but when it comes to a Goddess, I draw blanks, therefore I honor Artemis and Apollo as the duo, but I also pray to and seek guidance from. Poseidon as I see fit.

My practice itself is influenced by Correllian Nativist, Gardnerian, and Celtic back grounds. None of these conflict my personal path, so your interests, I feel, won't either.

I wish you luck with your journey. :)

Love and Blessings

Hello Wynter Black and welcome to RP, I am GR (Germanic Reconstructionist).

Defining yourself spiritually can be a difficult decision one best made slowly and aided by research. Wicca is a specific religion which originated in the early 20th century, it is a mystery religion practiced by initiates who are trained in a coven setting. What you have been practising is best described as DRW:Dedicatory Religious Witchcraft. To assist you in understanding Wicca and DRW there are two links below to posts; the first is a list of definitions in use on the this site which explains Wicca and the second is a discussion on DRW:



There is also an excellent book on the market written by Margaret Adler called Drawing Down the Moon which explains in detail many of the neopagan religions, it is a pagan classic; here is a link to the book and a book review:



If you are drawn to honour the Norse pantheon and Heathenry and wish to learn more about Germanic mythology, history and honouring our gods in the manner they were traditionally honoured my resource list is located in the link below:


Happy reading :-) 

Hello Charity and Diane!

Thank you so much for both your responses! I was really glad to know that I was not alone in this case and that helped a lot!

Diane, thank you so much for all the links you have sent me. I have read them once and I will read them again a few times. I have to say that the DRW ticks all the boxes: when I read the definition, it just fit me so perfectly. Thank you as well for the reading list. I have read everything I could find by Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland and although it was fine, it just wasn't completely fulfilling. I also had trouble finding relevant books for beginners in Norse mythology or books other than the Prose Edda.

I have to say I am intrigued by the notion of Germanic Reconstrutionist and I will also look into it.

So much to think about! Thank you both again so much!

You are very welcome! :) If you ever need help again, I'll gladly help to the best of my abilities!

Love and Blessings

Hello Charity!

Thank you so much! This is really nice of you!

Love and Blessings to you too!


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