I guess you can put anything on the web and try to sell it and of course somebody will buy it. I couldn't believe this when I read it. I'm posting the website here:

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Oh good grief what absolute nonsense!!!  I honestly am both amused (mildly) and appalled by this article.  I just don't know what to say.....

The Landover Baptist Church is a fictional Baptist church based in the fictional town of Freehold, Iowa. The Landover Baptist web site and its associated Landoverbaptist.net Forum are a satire of fundamentalist Christianity and the Religious Right in the United States.

Landover Baptist Church - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Okay, this old crone is a bit embarrassed. Yes, I did fall for this Landover thing. I didn't do my research before posting it. There are so many weird and wild things happening in the world right now, that I figured that it was a possibility that someone like that would do things like that.
I hope that my ignorance did not offend anyone. I will do better in the future by researching before posting.... Mab

Don't worry about it.  Many people have failed to see that the Landover Baptist Church is a parody site poking fun at some of the crazies out there.  Every religion has its share of nuts and fundamentalists...even Paganism.

I figured it was a joke, one by looking at the ad links on the right side of the page and by reading the comments at the end. Most people said that it was all supposed to be funny. However it is a really sick joke. Do people really not have anything better to do?

WOW .......and I thought this was going to be a "its not nice to call them fluffies " post. I'm glad to know its a hoax site. As for embarrassed I posted a glitter lung warning in my witch group because I had a few preschool teachers in it ..........they got a good laugh at my gullibility lol

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