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If you are unfamiliar with vetting  please follow this link:


This post will address RP's usage of vetting.


Since our inception the creators and moderators of Real Pagan have had two goals in mind for the site:


#1: To create a friendly, welcoming environment in which fellow Pagans (and respectful non-Pagans) can discuss, debate, make friends, and socialize.

#2: To create an authentic learning experience for seekers and any interested parties.



There are many, many places on the internet to go to for information on Wicca and other Pagan paths: there are few trustworthy sources. One of our goals is to be such a source, a place that new learners can trust to have experienced, initiated, orotherwise knowledgeable teachers to provide them with sound information. This DOES NOT mean that those new to the craft or any form of Paganism are unwelcome. What are teachers without students?


Preserving the site's integrity isn't easy, it takes work and research to vet someone and is not a process we take lightly. It is also not a process confined to Traditional Wicca. As a First Nations Spiritualist I will oftentimes ask those claiming the same what their background in the traditions are. Anyone from any tradition(including members that are not moderators) will do the same and people making wild claims (about their lineage or abilities) will be asked to provide proof.


This is all because there is one over-arching factor that gives life to the moderators and the site in general: passion for what we do and believe. We don't ask for proof because this is a cool-kids club, for our ego, or to hurt your feelings. Will hurt feelings occur? Certainly. However the intention is not to step on anyone's toes, but to preserve the integrity of Real Pagan and the spiritualities within our membership. We do not want fakes to be mistaken for truth,for seekers to prematurely become teachers, or for someone to be lead astray by others with less-than-honorable intentions. We don't wish to tell someone what to believe, but we won't allow them to call what they believe by a name that doesn't make sense. It's not “meantraddie” nonsense, its being respectful to the terms different spiritualities have taken for themselves. You can make your own belief system, but you cannot make something a thing it is not.



It sounds trite, but we vet because we care. We care because we love this site, our membership, and what the site stands for. The reality of the situation is that if you are looking to mislead others, are uncomfortable with questions, or dislike being held accountable for the things you say, Real Pagan may not be the place for you. If you are coming here to be social with other Pagans from around the world and are willing to present yourself in a mature, respectful and honest  manner, then you will find a home here.


We are a site for adults, created and maintained by adults, who will continue to have adult expectations.


Miigwech biindawiiyeg (thank you for listening),



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Lovely explanation, Makoons, one that honestly presents the "why" of vetting within this network. As long as we push for site integrity, for members to accurately portray themselves, the axis of this site will remain on quality. Thank you for writing this.
Very well said indeed.  Vetting is not about being "mean" or "elitist", it is about preserving honesty and integrity because we care about what we do.
Thank you.


What a wonderful explaination of the reasons, for such a practice on RealPagan. Honesty is such a hard concept to come by, in many places, it is always refreshing to know that this site works to maintain this standard. Thus, you feel the information shared, is quality information and to be trusted. Blessings MJ )O(


Another excelllent work Makoons,my dear.


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