we've all hear the saying "when it rains it pours" usually in reference to an unusually high amount of "bad luck" in someones life. so my question is this why does it seem like problems/bad news/arguments/etc. seem to wait for the times in your life when everything else seems to be falling apart? and is there anything we can really do to prevent it from happening?

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I was told, in the middle of some really bad times, that since I was focusing on the bad things that were happening to me, that inadvertently I was attracting more and more bad things... Like the Law of attraction theory goes.

It's an idea that I didn't like hearing at that time, but that you can think about maybe and try visualizing good stuff to see if you can scare away the bad with your good vibe thoughts. I had good friends sending me all of their good thoughts to help me get through those times :)

First, Neiges is right, about the things that can be influenced by us. Which is...90% of what we encounter.

The other 10% is due to natural functions and events weaving together in a pattern that we humans like to call "chance."  Chance is a thing that follows rules, patterns, and logic - if you can see the pattern. (What I mean by that is that it's easy for us to see patterns like 31313131, or 456456456, but it's harder for us to see patterns like 654837879394837654837879394837654837879394837. If the pattern is long enough, it becomes increasingly difficult to see, due to detail retention. Events are often this way. But I digress.) 

Chance follows patterns, and the easiest one to liken it to is like ocean waves. Ocean waves on a shoreline are always different, always changing, and never hit exactly the same way twice - but the pattern isn't a three-wave or five-wave or thirty-wave pattern, it's a trend that takes place over hours. Over hours of watching waves break on the shore, you will notice eventually that they gradually get further and further up the beach, and then gradually get further and further back down. Chance is the same way, only its tide follows a pattern of weeks or months (or years) instead of hours, and so when the bad things break, they break in waves like a high tide.

Human behavior has also been known to follow patterns based on biological fluctuations as well, which means that our patterns and the patterns of Chance are often very much in line, linking the first reason with the second.

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