Phaedra Bonewits Posted this today. Thought I would ask all of you where you fall. Lol!

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A nice laugh to start my morning!  Thank you! 

lol hedge Witch here so certainly  the dirt end hehehe

The tradition I'm with is squarely between a 2 and 4 for some rites and around a -7 for others. My personal practice doesn't fit in any of those categories...

I would have to fold it in half, or almost half, or yeh.... Something. Lol!

I'll call -10.  I mean, I do used deer heads, dirt, and chicken feathers.  ;)  However, I live in a hill way out in the woods so perhaps an exception can be made.  :P

Darn... I'm off the scale again, just like happens with my height.

Guess I suck at being a statistic LOL

Heh, I'm nowhere on the scale either. It seems Phaedra Bonewits' scale doesn't take (sub)urban practitioners into account. ;)

It's just a joke. Not meant to be taken seriously..

Basha said:

I found some of these generalizations offensive.Maybe Im missing something?

I don't think she even made it.. It think it was a forward on facebook. Not sure..

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