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Hi all, I was wondering If you knew where I might find some Pagan music? Specifically, I'm looking for Wiccan music, I've heard some on youtube, but I'm trying to find some on Pandora, or Itunes. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading, and much love and light to all!

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I know that Emerald Rose, Damh the Bard, and SJ Tucker are all on iTunes.  Did you have specific bands/artists you were looking for?  There are also sites were you can change YouTube songs into mp3's if you are just looking for away to make those mobile.  



Hi strata nice name by the way, I'm not looking for anything specific. Thanks for the reply.

Blessed be

:)  Well, those are three that I really like.  We used SJ Tucker's "Handfasting Song" for our handfasting.  I also love Tuatha Dea.  Though they aren't really "Wiccan" but more "Celtic."  If you love drum circles you'll love them.  I'll let you know if I think of any more. Oh!! You might check out "Legend."  One of their band members is a member on here. 

:) thank you I will check them out. What's a hand fasting like? I've never been to one.

They are all very different! That's what makes them so beautiful.  They are unique and personal to the individual.  Ours was very small, only our closet friends, and was outdoors on our friends beautiful property.  All most every individual participated in some way which made it all the more precious for us.  And two of our favorite people in the world officiated. We could not have been more honored.  

I added some pictures on here of our for your to see.  You should be able to see them on the left side of the main page right now.  If not, send me a friend request and you can see them on my page. :)

Aww that sounds beautiful. I'm blind I can not see pictures. I'll request you anyway, :)

You could also look for: Loreena McKennitt, Faun, Mari Boine, Eivor Palsdottir, Omnia and Lindie Lila.  They are not specifically Wiccan but most of them have very a pagan feel to them.  Nice to see you Strata :)

Thank you :)
Oh, I love Faun, too!!

And it's goo to see you as well, Guinevere! I hope you're well! :)

It really all depends on your taste in Music.

If you like old sounding "folk" stuff, you could check out Jethro Tull, Pentangle, Fairport Convention, Maddy Pryor & Steeleye Span, The Incredible String Band, Blackmore's Night, Stevie Nicks, The Dolmen,

If you like Celtic sounding stuff, or something with a bit of passion that gets you up and dancing, then look for Loreena McKennit, Lisa Thiel, Heather Alexander, Bryony Holden & Tinkercuss, Damh The Bard, Spiral Dance, SJ Tucker, Wendy Rule, to name but a few.

I also love the cd's I got from the gift shop at the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, myself.  They are sung by a duo called Liz & Carole.  Chanting is the collective name for one of them, and the tracks on it include Return Return, The Earth is our Mother, The Moon, she dances, Under the full Moon light, Air I am, So Many People, In the Moonlight, The Leaves on the Trees, Aradia, and Mother I hear your heartbeat.

I think most of these are on most websites that sell music.

Hi moon crone, thanks for the suggestions I've heard return return before and loved it!! Thanks to you and everyone else who replied. BB

Merry Meet,  I absolutely love Wendy Rule's cd's, I have most of them.  "The Wolf Sky" & "Deity" cd's are my favorites.  David & Steve Gordon have some really great stuff.  A couple I really love are "Sound Peace" & "Meditation Drum".  I used the last one in a ritual to build up energy.  Another good one is "Pagan Song".  It has different artists, such as; Gwydion Pendderwen, Ruth Barret, Dar Williams & Emerald Rose to name a few.  I buy mine from Barnes & Noble online.  Many Blessings, Bree 

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